Saving Money and Energy with ENERGY STAR Sound Bars and Dryers

When we decided to make the commitment to be an eco-friendly household I learned there is so much more to it than just finding organic and eco-friendly products. Everything we do and use has some impact on our health and environment. That’s why I love that Best Buy is committed to providing sustainable products! Disclosure: […]

A Best Buy Holiday Shopping Event You Don’t Want to Miss!

Can you believe the holidays are right around the corner? If you’re like me, you’ve only just begun to start making those Christmas wish lists. Gifts already? We haven’t celebrated Thanksgiving yet! Of course, waiting until the last minute like I often do is NOT ideal. An in-store shopping event that happens before the scary […]

Keep Your Home Connected with Netgear Arlo Smart Home from Best Buy

We are a family of modern electronics including a home network on which we’ve connected many devices. To say we put a heavy strain on our network would definitely be accurate! We love the convenience of wireless devices and having a connected home, so we were definitely excited to further expand our home network while […]

GoPro HERO at Best Buy – Perfect for Father’s Day!

We are an outdoors kind of family. We love fishing, taking walks outside, camping, and recently we got a boat, so we can add boating to the list! My husband enjoys his outdoor adventures so much, he doesn’t let much of anything stop him – not even storms! The only thing he’s missing is a […]

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