Happy Birthday Brayden!

I can’t believe Brayden turned 7 yesterday! I would have posted yesterday but between his birthday treat and not feeling so great I wasn’t on here much! I figure that’s a good enough reason to post the next day instead! 🙂 So, wow, 7! Being our oldest, we have definitely learned A LOT about parenting. […]

Happy Birthday Chaz!

Well, our “baby” turned 3 today! I can’t believe it! I know it’s so cliché they grow up too quickly, but time really does seem to fly by! 3 years ago I went into the National Naval Medical Center to get an amniocentesis to see if Chaz was ready, and we got to meet him […]

2 Years

My husband has officially been cancer free for two years now! This also means he no longer has to follow up with his oncologist as often. We also got some good news at his most recent follow-up. To understand how good this news is I first need to provide some background. There are many types […]

Happy Birthday Aurora!

Wow, I cannot believe our baby girl is 5 now! They really grow up so quickly! 5 years ago I got a phone call in the late morning that the amniocentesis came back saying her lungs were mature, so they were scheduling the c-section THAT night (repeat c-section – but I’ll skip all those details)! […]

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