Chasing the Wind

Last night as I read my Bible Reading Plan I copied and pasted the devotional portion on a note on my phone. (Day 118) “Solomon summarized all his attempts at finding life’s meaning as “chasing the wind.” We feel the wind as it passes, but we can’t catch hold of it or keep it. In […]

Some changes

I’m sure you’ve seen my posts on my Facebook Page concerning decisions I’ve been trying to make as far as business concerns, etc. I have a lot on my plate. That is obvious! haha I’ve been able to balance it very well thanks to my need to be an organizer. The “problem” is I want […]

Getting the hang of things

I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of things as far as multi-tasking and making sure my family has priority. Ready for the disruptor? We’re moving – VERY soon. My husband is taking his 30 days of transition leave, and the movers come on the 15th – of THIS MONTH! It’s all official and […]

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