Upcoming Changes

So perhaps you’ve noticed I’ve been much quieter than usual. Way back in June I mentioned that I would be making changes like rebranding without changing names. As you may have seen, that still hasn’t yet happened. In an effort to try to fix some of my medical issues, I was trying different things. Unfortunately, […]

Making Changes – Revisiting Purpose

My Word for 2015 is Purpose. I wrote about how I really need to find purpose this year with both my life and blog. My health issues flaring up have definitely added some unexpected challenges. I have even less time now to work on my blogs and less time with my family – who still remains […]

Working on a few things

You probably already noticed my site doesn’t look the same. After my last recent incident with my site getting attacked again I have decided to go with a more secure theme. So, over the next week I may be trying out a few different themes. I think the one I have active now will be […]

Making Changes

Well, I’ve left some people in suspense as I made it clear that I will be making some changes to begin the New Year. I am not sure anybody that doesn’t know would suspect what these changes may be and others might have seen it coming as soon as I said I was going to […]

Getting Ready

Today we’re finally back to our routine. We got home just before midnight Monday night so yesterday was a recovery day. We enjoyed being in East Texas so much we’re so ready to settle down over there. We do finally have an answer as far as houses go. We absolutely can’t buy a house – […]

Should I?

Well, I’m still working on trying to make sure I post something each day – except Sundays – I posted about that in THIS POST. Well, I’ve been feeling pretty “blah” lately and haven’t been on the computer nearly as much, networking nearly as often, and I’ve still been extra busy! haha Both of our […]


The transition has started! In fact, I’m actually changing more than I originally planned! I’m going to incorporate personal blogging to my website as well – not just strictly business related. It won’t be as in-depth as my personal blog, but it will definitely have more of a personal touch! This week I’ll be working […]

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