How to Manage (and Use) all Those Pictures of Your Kids

Is your phone full of pictures of your most prized possessions—those gorgeous kids of yours? Currently, my “All Photos” album on my iPhone has 9,618 pictures. About 96 percent of those pictures are of my two boys. Yes, I have to pay for extra storage, and I desperately need to pick my favorites and delete […]

Stay Connected with UnPlugNPlay

Summer is almost here. As year-round homeschoolers, we still work through the summer with occasional breaks when needed, and they are definitely needed! We constantly have technology in our face. Not only do we use a lot of it in our homeschool, but we’re also a family of gamers, so we all spend a lot […]

We Made It! Our Moving Adventure

I didn’t have a chance to post my “Merry Christmas!” message on here, but I do hope you had a blessed Christmas! So we finally made it to Ohio. We arrived on Christmas Eve. If you saw my announcement about moving you may be thinking it took a little longer than you’d expect. You would […]

Celebrate the New VeggieTales Movie with this Celery Night Fever Contest

Disclosure: I received promotional items in exchange for this post. Regardless, all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. I am so excited about the newest VeggieTales movie Celery Night Fever! We are loving it! (Stay tuned, I will be sharing my review soon!) Celery Night Fever will be released tomorrow! Are you […]

Tips for Traveling with Kids

This is a sponsored post written by me and brought to you by Holt FIAT. All opinions are my own. One of the challenges that comes with parenting is transportation. Things that used to be affordable, like flying, aren’t so affordable when you have children. After they reach a certain age their ticket costs the […]

How to Help Your Children’s Future

Having a child comes with a whole life change, because you are no longer just providing for yourself, but another human being as well. This is also true financially, you can’t just think of your future anymore, but your child’s as well. It is crucial to your child’s future success that you start financial planning […]

Why a Balanced Family is a Balanced Wallet

Families are typically budget and cost conscious. Watching where household money flows, as well as cutting costs is the big money topic at homes. Families may attempt to cut costs on non-fixed items such as grocery shopping, entertainment, and other family extras but these make a well balanced family. A well balanced family is a […]

Making Changes

Well, I’ve left some people in suspense as I made it clear that I will be making some changes to begin the New Year. I am not sure anybody that doesn’t know would suspect what these changes may be and others might have seen it coming as soon as I said I was going to […]

Catching Up

Wow! What a whirlwind life has been! I have so many posts and ideas in my head that need to make it here! haha We had such a great visit when my mom and grandma were here that I’d love to share some of their visit as well! I had the big Fort Hood Army […]

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