4 Ways to Study Space in Northwest Ohio

Our kids have been interested in learning more about space, particularly constellations. Our oldest son has even been learning Astronomy with Memoria Press. Since he started this curriculum he has been asking more about the stars and looking for and pointing out constellations. All of our children are very hands-on learners, so in order to […]

Apologia Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review

Field trips! Field trips are something we often do on a whim. Although I don’t think there is anything wrong with taking field trips on a whim, I really want to try harder to be more intentional with our field trips – not only in planning the field trips themselves but what we learn on […]

8 Field Trips that Offer a Great Learning Experience

The following post is a guest post by Adriana Zoder of Homeschool Ways. Much like Adriana, I wasn’t always thrilled with the idea of taking homeschool field trips (I thought I was the only one!) but have found much value in them! She has shared some great experiences! 8 Homeschool Field Trips that Offer a […]

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