How to Freeze Green Beans and Wax Beans {Without Fancy Equipment}

How do you freeze beans? I actually wasn’t planning on freezing the beans, but sometimes you have to innovate! A couple weeks ago I was so excited to take home a big harvest from our garden. One of the biggest challenges we have is that our garden is at my dad’s house in a small […]

Gardening with the Whole Family

Gardening for us is a family activity. Family gardening can be such a rewarding experience. I love getting the kids involved in our garden. They helped us plan our garden and get right into the hard work as well. Gardening can be a great educational experience as well as a family bonding experience. Here are […]

How We Planned our Garden Using Apps

Although we did have some great harvests last year, we also made many gardening mistakes including using no garden planning at all. This year we wanted to make sure we did things the right way. That’s not to say we won’t make mistakes, of course. We decided to start smart, though, with actually planning. Seems […]

Five Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

Our family didn’t have much success with gardening in Texas (OK, we didn’t have any success), so we were excited to give it a go here in Ohio. Because we rent we couldn’t just dig up the ground, but the good news is my dad let us use his yard and we planted a garden […]

Earth Day Activity Ideas

Earth Day is Monday and I promised to share some ideas for Earth Day activities! You can read some of our Earth Day activities from last year. We’ve chosen to do some similar activities this year but will be doing more as well! This year we started our gardening a little earlier after learning the […]

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