Homeschooling with a Chronic Condition

Over the next 5 days I will be sharing a posts revolving around the topic of Homeschooling with Special Needs. This actual blog hop happened a few weeks ago, but due to my health problems I was unable to complete it at the time. I said I would still share at another time, so here […]

Homeschooled: How American Homeschoolers Measure Up {infographic}

I found this so interesting I had to share! Source:

Bible Study Guide for All Ages {Review}

We had the chance to review Bible Study Guide For All Ages with all three of our children ages 7, 5, and 3. For our review we received the Beginner Student Pages (1 set for each child), Beginner Time Line, and Children’s Songs CD set. The recommended ages for the Beginner level is age 3 – […]

Homeschooling with Special Needs Blog Hop {My Apologies}

I had lined up 5 posts for this week revolving around the topic of Homeschooling with Special Needs. Why “Homeschooling with Special Needs” and not “Homeschooling Special Needs Children?” Because *I* have special needs, too. I planned on covering topics from Homeschooling with a Chronic Illness to sharing tips for sensory overload (both for the […]

The Homegrown Preschooler Review

I received The Homegrown Preschooler: Teaching Your Kids in the Places They Live from Gryphon House for my review. The Homegrown Preschooler is full of great information and resources for parents of preschoolers. The authors are not only homeschooling moms but between both of them they have more than 20 years of early childhood education and […]

BioBubble Review

The BioBubble is a really unique and incredibly versatile habitat that can be used for a variety of environments like: fish (both saltwater and freshwater), small land animals and reptiles, and can also be used as a greenhouse for the study of plants and insects. From an educational perspective, because the BioBubble can accommodate so […]

Homeschooling Special Needs Children – It IS possible! Our Story

If you have a special needs child (or children) and are considering homeschooling I hope you will read through this post (I apologize mine is a little long) as well as the other great posts in this Blog Hop, which you will see at the bottom of the post and that you will feel encouraged […]

Homeschooling Special Needs Children – Encouragement Project

With the conclusion of the school year, including for many homeschool families as well, many are already thinking about the next school year or even go over the previous school year in their mind. If parents have preschool age children or those approaching Kindergarten age they may start thinking of the future. When you have […]

Weekly Wrap-Up – What a Wreck

That’s almost a tongue twister isn’t it? haha I’ve been making it a point to ask those in my Blog networking group what their goals are for the week, so I’ve been sharing some of my own as well. One of the goals I didn’t share was I want to start doing a weekly wrap-up […]

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine: June Issue

As always, I love sharing a reminder when the new issue of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine comes out! If you are a homeschooler it is such a valuable resource – and it’s FREE! You can also read it on your smart phone or tablet with their app! I have to admit I was a little […]

Math Mammoth Review

  We had the chance to review products from the Blue Series of Math Mammoth. For our review we received Clock, Money, and Measuring 1. I thought all of these would be a great supplement to our current Math curriculum! Each are designed for Grades 1-3 starting with the more basic topics at the beginning […]

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