Let’s Learn in the Kitchen!

Teaching in the Kitchen is not only easy to do – it’s fun and rewarding! A lot of what we forget is when we’re educating our children is we’re also teaching them life skills. Teaching in the kitchen is a great way to incorporate life skills in their learning! The best part is most kids […]

TouchMath 1st Grade Review

TouchMath is a multisensory program for grades Pre-K through 2nd grade. It is a full hands-on curriculum with a lot of additional manipulatives you can purchase the correspond nicely with the program. TouchMath, to me, in itself is not a new concept as I used the same learning mechanism when I was young as well. […]

Delight-Directed Teaching

Delight-directed teaching? What is it? To be honest, I hadn’t even heard of this term until I decided to participate in this 5 Days of Teaching Creatively Blog Hop! I figured I could guess what it meant based on definition. I thought it would be such a fun hop to participate in, and then when […]

Why I Love Teaching Math

My favorite subject has always been English or anything related to English: Grammar, Literature, Creative Writing, etc. There is no doubt I have a love for them. Overall, though, I was always an A/B student, so there weren’t really subjects I had trouble with though I definitely liked and disliked some more than others. When […]

That was scary!

If you happened to visit my blog around Jan 4th or 5th you may have gotten an ugly red notice from Google. If you did and now you’re back – THANK YOU for being a loyal reader! The issue has been resolved! The whole incident was scary for me! After deciding to focus more on […]

Homeschooling Distraction

I knew this year would be more challenging now that Chaz is a little older and still quite demanding when it comes to getting attention. So, I figured since I would be working with Brayden and Aurora together he would either a) demand my attention in other ways or b) want to join in. I […]

Sick week

Sure we all have sick days here and there, but last week was a sick week in our house. It was terrible! We had a stomach bug that trickled through the kids and me, and I got it BAD. I haven’t been that sick in a long time! I couldn’t even get on the computer […]

Words 2 Remember 4 Kids Giveaway (ends 10/29)

¬†Words 2 Remember 4 Kids I think this is such a wonderful idea, and I was excited to read her full review. I am excited to share this giveaway! Read the Full Review by Rebecca @ Love2EncourageYou It was a delight to receive a set of the Words 2 Remember 4 Kids Bible Quotes on […]

Homeschool Transcript Templet

This was shared from a homeschooling group, and the organizer in me absolutely loved it! My kids are still a little young, so it’s not some we can personally use at this time, but it’s one less thing I have to find later! I’m loving how many free resources are available out there! This website […]

Speaking of busy…

I wasn’t kidding! haha But I’m finally starting to catch up on things! I have decided to homeschool, which is something I always WANTED to do, but I tossed around the idea for a while and eventually decided I “couldn’t handle it” with our oldest (now 5 – Kindergarten) because he’s on the Autism spectrum. […]

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