Our Homeschool Curriculum Picks for 2017

Probably the question I get asked most often is “What homeschool curriculum do you use?” I have to admit, I find it amusing because I think I get asked this question from people who don’t homeschool just as often than those who do. Regardless who is asking, it’s a question that stops me in my […]

Learning the Bible in a Fun and Interactive Way {Veritas Press Review}

Our kids definitely learn best when they are having fun. Recently, they have been learning the Bible in a way that is fun and interactive with VeritasBible.com. This homeschool Bible curriculum from Veritas Press has been a great addition to our homeschool curriculum. VeritasBible.com is an online Bible curriculum that allows kids to progress through […]

Our Favorite Homeschool Curriculum from 2015 and Blue Ribbon Award Winners!

Last week we wrapped up our 2015 homeschool year. We homeschool by calendar year, which means we start our new school year each January and finish our year the week before Thanksgiving. That means it’s break time for the holidays! I was blessed to be part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew for 2015 and am […]

2013 Blue Ribbon Awards and Our Favorites

It’s hard to believe 2013 is winding down already! The 2013 Schoolhouse Review Crew year has come to an end. This was my first year as part of the Crew, and our family has been so blessed by the experience! It has been a blessing sharing our experiences with you as well! At the end […]

But it’s Summer…

Unfortunately our pool bit the dust between last summer and this one. It got a hole in the bottom, which is impossible to find. My father in-law got the kids a 14′ trampoline for the boys’ birthday, though, so we’ll have a new kind of summer fun this year! All of the kids have a […]

We have a curriculum

Well, I did it! After tossing around the idea of getting a curriculum this year or just making my own, I decided to get a curriculum! Talk about a last-minute decision! I wasn’t feeling well again today (it’s a medication issue I hope will be fixed early next week!), I ended up just resting for […]

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