Homeschooling with Special Needs: Sensory Overload

In my last Homeschooling with Special Needs post I discussed Homeschooling Sensory Seekers. Having one child on the Autism Spectrum, two children with Sensory Processing Disorder, and having Sensory Processing disorder myself, it is just as common in our household to have the possibility of sensory overload. Unfortunately, this can trickle down from one of […]

Homeschooling Sensory Seekers

Day 2 of my 5 Days of Homeschooling with Special Needs is “Homeschooling Sensory Seekers.” Although our three children are very different in many ways they do all have one thing in common – sensory seeking. Our oldest is on the Autism Spectrum, and as you may know, many children on the Autism spectrum exhibit […]

Homeschooling Special Needs Children – It IS possible! Our Story

If you have a special needs child (or children) and are considering homeschooling I hope you will read through this post (I apologize mine is a little long) as well as the other great posts in this Blog Hop, which you will see at the bottom of the post and that you will feel encouraged […]

Homeschooling Special Needs Children – Encouragement Project

With the conclusion of the school year, including for many homeschool families as well, many are already thinking about the next school year or even go over the previous school year in their mind. If parents have preschool age children or those approaching Kindergarten age they may start thinking of the future. When you have […]

Schoolhouse Review Crew Spotlight

Head on over to the Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog where I have been featured today and read my post about Homeschooling Special Needs Children: Combining Therapy and Homeschool. It has been an absolute blessing being part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, and I feel honored to share some of my homeschooling experiences with them! If […]

Homeschooling: 2012 Recap

2012 has been interesting for us in many ways. We began many new adventures! In January we were still settling in to our house on Fort Hood after moving down here from Fort Belvoir near Washington DC just a couple months prior. I knew I was going to continue homeschooling even though we had just […]

Speaking of busy…

I wasn’t kidding! haha But I’m finally starting to catch up on things! I have decided to homeschool, which is something I always WANTED to do, but I tossed around the idea for a while and eventually decided I “couldn’t handle it” with our oldest (now 5 – Kindergarten) because he’s on the Autism spectrum. […]

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