Chronicles (iOS app) Review

Do you know how you’re spending your time? Do you feel like you have a good organization system but still can’t get everything done? Well, that is what I had going on. I just couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting things done when I *thought* I was better managing my time. So, when I had […]

Meek-a-Moo iPad app Review

Meek-a-Moo is a fun iPad app for young kids to learn about animals. There are 2 modes from which you can choose: “Learn” and “Play.” In play mode they can guess animals based on sounds and little hints of seeing part of the animal. Our 3 year old absolutely LOVES it! There will be 3 […]

Caillou World App Review

About the app: Join Caillou and friends and family as you explore his world and learn about letters, words, spelling and phonics! Features: 7 different scenes to explore, with big clues and small Over 100 pictures to find and letter pairs to learn For ages 2-5 Challenges adapt to your developing skill Original music and […]

Handwriting Without Tears iPad App Review

The first thing we did after downloading the App was creating an account for each child – our 5 year old and 6 year old. Both are learning at the 1st grade level but both have special needs that affect fine motor skills. Our daughter, in particular, has trouble with reversals (reversing both letters and […]

Little Red Wagon App Review

The Little Red Wagon App is a cute, interactive App from Night & Day Studios with music from Cat Doorman you can download in the App Store. It takes a classic song and turns it into a fun interactive experience for kids! It is recommended for ages 2-6 and has fun artwork. When first clicking […]

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