How to Manage (and Use) all Those Pictures of Your Kids

Is your phone full of pictures of your most prized possessions—those gorgeous kids of yours? Currently, my “All Photos” album on my iPhone has 9,618 pictures. About 96 percent of those pictures are of my two boys. Yes, I have to pay for extra storage, and I desperately need to pick my favorites and delete […]

Why it’s Important for Kids to Understand the Definition of Friend

From the time our kids are still little we emphasize the importance of knowing all about strangers. Who they are, what you should and shouldn’t do with and around strangers, etc. But what about friends? When it comes to kids understanding friends, there is often this gray area between strangers and friends, which then leads […]

Sleep Well for Kids – Under the Sea CD

Something many families have in common is having a family member who has a hard time falling asleep. Sometimes it’s an adult, sometimes it’s a child, and sometimes it’s more than one family member! In our household, I am a night owl. Not only do I function better at night, but I, unfortunately, also have […]

We got an answer!

Well, after a drawn out wait we finally have an answer. Is it the ONLY answer or just one piece of the puzzle? Well, only time will tell, but I have a good feeling a lot of issues will be resolved. I have often talked about our youngest son’s sleep issues and how he even […]

Educational Toys Planet Review

Being a mom I’m always looking for toys that have educational value. I look for this even more so because our kids have social/emotional special needs. All 3 of them learn well through play! I can think of many times I’ve been concerned they weren’t learning something and I see them playing/interacting with a toy, […]

A vote for Fitness!

Voting in the presidential election is important… so is voting for your family’s fitness. Exercise your child’s right for fun-filled activities, gymnastics, sports and more.  Take advantage of one of these amazing offers and you’ll be entered to win My Gym Free for a Year!     Enroll for 2 Months get the 3rd Month FREE! […]

Gutzy Gear Giveaway (ends 9/27)

The Gutzy Gear Eventhosted by Mommy Lesson Plans How fun is this giveaway?? Gutzy Gear looks like so much fun that all kids can enjoy! A few weeks ago we had a back to school party at our house. It was a lot of fun. I had all the kids bring their backpacks, but did not […]

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