Apologia Readers in Residence Review

As someone who particularly loves language arts, I know reading is so much more than just written words on a page. It’s important to truly understand what you’re reading and learn from it. That’s what Readers in Residence Volume 1 (Sleuth) from Apologia Educational Ministries is all about! I was excited for the opportunity to […]

Language Arts with a Multisensory Approach {Eclectic Foundations Review}

Due to his special needs my youngest son (age 6) has learning challenges. Due to life challenges right now he has also experienced regression. It’s much like starting at the beginning. So I was excited to share ou Eclectic Foundations review. We have been using Eclectic Foundations Language Arts Level A four days per week […]

Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting Review

We have delayed and/or struggling readers and writers in our home. It definitely can be challenging, but we’re always excited to discover resources that can help. Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting from Everyday Education, LLC is one of those resources. It offers a step-by-step program for teaching children to read well and have beautiful handwriting. This […]

Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization {IEW Review}

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Please refer to my Disclosure Policy for more information. Memorization? Mastery Learning? Although we have done some memorization, these are concepts that were new to me, and I was definitely interested in incorporating it into our homeschool. Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization from Institute for Excellence in Writing knows […]

Math and Language Arts – IXL Review

We had a chance to review IXL. IXL offers Math curriculum for Preschool through 12th Grade as well as Language Arts for grades 2nd through 8th. We had the opportunity to review both the IXL Math and the IXL Language Arts. IXL offers skills that are available for state standards, which I have found really helpful […]

Hewitt Homeschooling Review

We were ready for something more in our homeschool Language Arts, so we were excited for the chance to review the Lightning Literature and Composition: Grade 1 Student Workbook and Lightning Literature and Composition: Grade 1 Teacher’s Guide from Hewitt Homeschooling. Our older two children (ages 8 and 6) are at the 2nd Grade Level for most subjects, though are […]

IXL Math and Language Arts {Review}

We had a chance to review IXL.com. IXL offers Math curriculum for Kindergarten through 12th Grade as well as Preschool Math Skills. Recently they also added Language Arts for grades 2nd through 4th. IXL offers skills that are available for state standards, which in our case would be the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. We received […]

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