eMeals 4th of July Special

eMeals is celebrating the 4th of July with another special menu and another special sale! Save 15% with code FOURTH and receive our Fourth of July Menu Free. Join eMeals today! Check out one of the 4th of July menu recipes below! Ingredients: * 5 1/2 lb baby back pork ribs (3 slabs) * 2 […]

eMeals Review and Giveaway {over}

Meal planning saves both time and money. I’m sure you’ve heard this time and time again. I have, too, and I’ve seen the difference in our finances when we had poor planning versus good planning. eMeals is a great resource that takes the guesswork out of meal planning and helps you save your time and […]

Simplified Pantry Review

I’m sure I’ve mentioned many times how amazing it has been to be part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew. Little did I know I would also get to review great homemaking resources as well! Let’s face it, homemaking can become a daunting task while homeschooling, and a little extra help is greatly appreciated! I had […]

Cook’n Recipe Organizer Review *Giveaway OVER*

      ¬†Cook’n Is The Easiest Way to… Enter Your Recipes Easily Using Quick-Fill Type Ingredients You Have On-Hand to Get Recipe Ideas Sync with iPhone & Android for Easy Access in Kitchen Drag & Drop Your Recipes to Make Custom Menus Auto-Generate Shopping List by Aisle to Save Time Capture Recipes From Your […]

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