We Made It! Our Moving Adventure

I didn’t have a chance to post my “Merry Christmas!” message on here, but I do hope you had a blessed Christmas! So we finally made it to Ohio. We arrived on Christmas Eve. If you saw my announcement about moving you may be thinking it took a little longer than you’d expect. You would […]

Tomorrow is Moving Day!

Wow, it’s been a whirlwind of a year. I think “refine” was definitely a good word for 2014. We faced some of our biggest trials with the biggest being the eviction in September. Shortly after Social Security finally got approved for my husband (a Disabled Veteran) after 13 months of fighting including getting a lawyer. […]

Where Am I?

You may have noticed I’ve been posting less. I usually post at least daily with the exception of a day off here and there, but a couple of days in a row? What gives? If you read my posts regularly, you’re probably aware of the fact that we got evicted from our last home. We […]

Tips for Homeschooling During a Move

Moving a family of 5 is no small feat. We have moved many times, but this was, by far, the most stressful! Moving and homeschooling can be a tricky combination! How do you keep up with homeschooling when your stuff is in boxes and you’re spending so much time packing and unpacking? It’s definitely not […]

We have Moved! {Some Updates}

I’m sorry things slowed to a trickle this week and some of my more regular content has been posted less than usual. Everything got a little hectic, and I got overwhelmed. I first had to make sure I was taking care of commitments I had made as far as posts go, and then I otherwise […]

Catching Up… Again

I feel like I was finally catching up on things when we went out of town for a few days. We had such a great trip visiting family and friends it was hard to come back! I was able to post my Fishing Fridays because I had great reception at my Grandparents’ Lake House, but […]

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