YumEarth – a Healthier Candy for Easter

Easter is around the corner, and one of the first things we see out on the store shelves is all the Easter candy. Although treats aren’t our main focus for Easter, we still have egg hunts and add candy to the eggs with the Scripture scrolls and other Easter symbols. What are health conscious parents […]

Organic Candy Factory Giveaway (ends 3/15)

This Review/Giveaway is hosted by The Momma And Boys! You know how much I love finding out about new organic companies – and we love candy! I’m excited to share this giveaway with you! We were honored to be able to review different types of candy from the Organic Candy Factory. The Momma’s boys enjoyed […]

YumEarth Organic Candy Giveaway (ends 8/24)

Candy, Candy Candy! Who doesn’t love Candy!? But have you tried organic candy? What would you do if you could have some delicious all-natural candy right at your doorstep? If you’re a parent – what would your kids do!? Would you feel better knowing you’re giving them something yummy AND organic? I know I would! […]

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