Tomorrow is Moving Day!

Wow, it’s been a whirlwind of a year. I think “refine” was definitely a good word for 2014. We faced some of our biggest trials with the biggest being the eviction in September. Shortly after Social Security finally got approved for my husband (a Disabled Veteran) after 13 months of fighting including getting a lawyer. […]

Weekly Wrap-up: Phew!

What a crazy yet uneventful week! I have never felt so busy yet gotten so little done – or at least felt like I got so little done! Physically I have hit that point where enough is enough, and I will be calling my doctor tomorrow to talk about resolving this issue. I finally have […]

Blog Hop for a Cause – Cancer Awareness: Our story

My friend Nancy over at Mommy Lesson Plans decided to start a monthly Blog Hop for a Cause. She (bravely) shaved her head for this cause, and if you scroll down to the Blog Hop at the bottom of my post you’ll see many other posts from other bloggers sharing different stories, organizations, etc. I, […]

Working with What I Have

I noted in another post that I’m really bad about comparing myself to others. I also mentioned I haven’t been feeling well, which makes me a little more emotional. In other words, I’m more apt to take things personally and get upset. It’s hard enough when you compare your work to others’ and feel like […]

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