More About Craftsy

Last month I shared What is Craftsy? Now I want to expand on it a little more and share some more information about what makes Craftsy so neat! What is¬†Craftsy? Craftsy is a worldwide craft community offering online classes. It also has a patterns marketplace where independent designers can sell their patterns; a supplies shop […]

Craftsy – Fine Art!

This post may contain affiliate links which help support our family. Thank-you for your kindness! Fine Art? Yes! With the launch of six art classes, Craftsy is proud to announce a new category – Fine Art! They have world-class art instructors to teach you professional techniques to elevate your art, regardless of your skill level […]

Take a Free Mini-Course

This post may contain affiliate links which help support our family. Thank-you for your kindness! Have you had a chance to check out Craftsy yet? Why not start with a free mini-course? Here are some of Craftsy’s Top Free Mini-Courses: Know Your Wool: Do you wonder where your yarn comes from? Learn about different types […]

Country Woman Magazine Review and Giveaway

Country Woman Magazine is the magazine for women who live in or long for the country. If you’ve read a few of my personal posts you’ve probably figured out I live in Texas and seen plenty of our pictures from Fishing Fridays, so you know I also love the outdoors and love to fish. What […]

New Craftsy Classes!

If you sew/craft like me and haven’t checked out Craftsy yet, you are missing out! Craftsy offers a variety of online crafting classes! The great thing is they aren’t the type of classes you have to set aside a date and time to attend. You watch them on YOUR time! This works out better for […]

Crazy Busy

Wow. The past 2-3 weeks have been crazy. We’ve been getting over the tail end of a cold or flu. We’ve been trying to get into our new routine with the homeschool Co-Op (which we ended up even missing once already because we were sick!). Plus I’ve been having technical issues with my site. So […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ok, so I’m a day plus (or 2 since it’s almost midnight!) late, but I still felt like I needed to do a Valentine’s post! My Valentine’s Day was non-eventful, but honestly, I prefer it that way. I’m totally not a “romantic” person, though I feel sorry for my husband because he is FANTASTIC at […]

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