Sleep Well for Kids – Under the Sea CD

Something many families have in common is having a family member who has a hard time falling asleep. Sometimes it’s an adult, sometimes it’s a child, and sometimes it’s more than one family member! In our household, I am a night owl. Not only do I function better at night, but I, unfortunately, also have […]

Insomnia at its Finest

I’ve had sleep issues as long as I can remember. The chronic fatigue came later in life along with my diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Although I am more tired now than I was then the sleep problems have been ongoing since I was a child. I’ve always had a hard time sleeping. […]

Operation toddler sleeping in his room Update

Well, since I’m blogging at 1am my time you can probably guess that we aren’t “there” yet with getting our toddler to sleep in his own room – or for longer periods of time. I do feel like we’ve made some progress but I also feel like we’ve had some regression. When it is bed […]

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