Learning Conversational Skills with Color My Conversation {Northern Speech Services Review}

Being a homeschool mom with special needs children I often try to weave therapy into our homeschool. I stay aware of their sensory needs and try to work on other areas like fine and gross motor skills and speech. I am definitely not a Speech-Language Pathologist, though, so I feel like although what I’m doing […]

Forbrain – Sound for Life Ltd Review

Homeschooling special needs children often means there is more to our homeschool. I am often including different types of therapy in our homeschool day. Our youngest son, in particular, has significant speech challenges. We are often working on dictation. Recently we have been using Forbrain from Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd to work on […]

Learning Breakthrough – A Life in Balance {Book Review}

I had a chance to review A Life in Balance from the Learning Breakthrough Program. A Life in Balance: Discovery of a Learning Breakthrough is the story of Frank Belgau and his development of the Learning Breakthrough to help people learn and retain information as told to Eric Balgau. In it, Frank Belgau tells the […]

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