Learning Conversational Skills with Color My Conversation {Northern Speech Services Review}

Being a homeschool mom with special needs children I often try to weave therapy into our homeschool. I stay aware of their sensory needs and try to work on other areas like fine and gross motor skills and speech. I am definitely not a Speech-Language Pathologist, though, so I feel like although what I’m doing […]

2014 Holiday Gift Guide Sponsor Spotlight – Chewigem

In September my daughter and I had the chance to review some beautiful stylish sensory chewelry from Chewigem. We both have Sensory Processing Disorder and tend to chew on things for oral input. I had never considered something like chewelry for myself, though I definitely considered it not only for our daughter but our sons […]

Parenting Special Needs Children with a Chronic Disorder

Today I am honored to share The Challenges and Blessings of Parenting Special Needs Children with a Chronic Disorder on Beautiful in His Time as part of the 31 Days of Supporting the Special Needs Family. I share how parenting special needs children when you have a chronic disorder can be challenging, but I also […]

Light it Up Blue for Autism

April is Autism Awareness month. World Autism Awareness Day is April 2nd. Many people put up blue lights or wear blue – all to join Autism Speaks to shine a light on Autism by raising awareness. It begins April 2nd and lasts all month long. Many are doing this in support of friends and family […]

Understanding Child Brain Development {Review}

I had the chance to review Understanding Child Brain Development from Family Hope Center. Understanding Child Brain Development really breaks everything down piece by piece to fully understand how the brain develops, when, and where there might be a problem or injury. It is a very helpful way to look at brain development particularly for those that […]

We got an answer!

Well, after a drawn out wait we finally have an answer. Is it the ONLY answer or just one piece of the puzzle? Well, only time will tell, but I have a good feeling a lot of issues will be resolved. I have often talked about our youngest son’s sleep issues and how he even […]

Faces of Sensory Processing Disorder

As you know, our younger 2 children have Sensory Processing Disorder, but the picture in the middle might surprise you. Yes, that’s me. After almost 3 years of “maybe this,” “maybe that,” and a definite misdiagnosis everything has finally come together. I have Sensory Processing Disorder. Knowing what I know about it and all I’ve […]

A new symptom?

Our toddler has started something new. Because of his array of different concerns I don’t know if this is, again, an issue that is related to other concerns or something totally different. It’s always a guessing game with him! He has come a long way in his speech therapy, but he still has a delay […]

Sensory Concerns – Our Toddler

I’ve been doing a few giveaways and reviews lately, and not much else! I want to keep my site “well-rounded!” 🙂 One of the things I said I would incorporate with the new year was being more personal/personable. I knew that I was going to incorporate Homeschooling, life in general, etc., but there is so […]

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