Letting Go of Things to Rest in God’s Arms

It happened…again. There I was – a crying, heaping mess on the floor. What warranted such a display? My pants were too tight. Sure, I have been upset about the weight I had gained since starting a new medication, but it wasn’t about that. At least not really. It was about a whole number of […]

Having Trouble Letting Go?

Do you have a hard time letting go and letting God handle the details? I know I do! Today, on Mom 2 Mom Mondays on My Joy Filled Life I share how I had a reminder what happens when I try to do things my way, and what happens when I “Let Go and Let […]

Weekly Wrap-Up: Finding Peace in the Pressure

I’ve been busy! Busy, busy, busy! The pressure is on! There is still a lot of unpacking to do, it’s definitely Holiday Gift Guide time so there has been a lot of sending and receiving of requests, emails are stacked up (I’m trying to get through them!), personal content got pushed aside this week (which […]

Getting Ready

Today we’re finally back to our routine. We got home just before midnight Monday night so yesterday was a recovery day. We enjoyed being in East Texas so much we’re so ready to settle down over there. We do finally have an answer as far as houses go. We absolutely can’t buy a house – […]


Well, I suppose a lot has slipped away this week! I’m behind on posting Love Dare updates – again, I haven’t posted a daily personal post, and I didn’t even post a Wordless Wednesday! *Gasp* But hey, I’m human! A very tired and overwhelmed human! LOL It definitely has been tiring getting the little guy […]


Our Easter yesterday definitely didn’t go “as planned.” I was having a hard time waking up from hardly getting any sleep that night and my husband ended up getting sick, so needless to say we stayed home all day when our plans were to go to Church and the Easter Egg hunt after service. We […]

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