Tailor Made Whiteboards {Review}

Disclosure: I received a Tailor Made Whiteboard to facilitate my review. Regardless all opinions are my own.

Tailor Made Whiteboards

As a full-time mom and homeschooling mom I am always on the lookout for products that make life easier and help me stay organized. I am also a big fan of products that are customizable. When I was introduced to Tailor Made Whiteboards I was so excited. They offer custom dry erase boards with a wide variety of options. Whether you are looking for Chore Boards, Activity Planners, or Menu Planners, Tailor Made Whiteboards has you covered – plus so much more! Plus, if you’re like me and constantly like to change things, Tailor Made Whiteboards makes it easy with their Quick Change Frame!

For my review I chose the Green “Chalkboard” Activity Planner with an Oak frame. I love that it has the look of a chalkboard but is a white board! I chose to personalize it with a family picture. I am a big fan of products that are personalized. I think it is such a great touch and really makes it special!

The Quick Change Frame is also optional, but I chose it because I do like to change things up as I mentioned! Tailor Made Whiteboards offers a lot of great seasonal inserts, so I thought it might be nice to change up the inserts for the seasons once in a while! I also like that I can change the Graphic Panel completely to a Chore Chart, for example, if a season in our life finds that is more necessary.

I also chose the optional tray because we lose dry erase markers easily, and I LOVE that there is an option for a tray so I know where the markers will always be! The tray is also Oak like the frame and is very sturdy. I am very impressed with the overall quality of the board as it is definitely very sturdy and put together well. It’s definitely a board that will last us a long time!

Because our board has the optional tray the Quick Change frame opens from the top rather than the side like shown in the video. It is very simple to open and take out the inserts as well as put back together! I know it looks easy in the video, but I still thought it might be somewhat tricky, but it really is as easy as it looks!

Tailor Made Whiteboard

After I checked out all the neat features on our new Tailor Made Whiteboard I was ready to hang it up! We decided to hang it up in our dining/homeschooling room. They make it easy to hang your white board by providing a guide and, of course, the anchors and screws. You can hold the guide up to the wall so you know exactly where to place the anchors and screws. This is so much easier than holding the board up to the wall, making a mark, measuring the distance, etc.

White Board

Once it was up I filled in the month and days with one of our new markers! I used the orange because I knew it would be the perfect fall color! Of course, I placed all the markers in the tray so they don’t get lost! Did I mention how much I love that feature?

Tailor Made

Overall, we love our Tailor Made Whiteboard! I love that we were able to add our picture to give it a personal touch, that I can easily change out the Graphic Panel any time I want a new look or need it for a new function, it’s sturdy, and it has a tray to hold the markers and eraser! It erases easily with just a cloth, paper towel, or tissue. If it needs a deeper clean, to remove dust for example, you simply use water! Plus it’s made in the USA, which is something I always appreciate.

Do you want to know something else that is unique? If you have a design in mind for your Tailor Made Whiteboard you can contact them for a quote, and they will design a custom graphic for you! How neat is that?

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  1. I think my heart just melted! I am in LOVE! Yes, I know that sounds really weird-but I can not believe how much I want this. It covers everything that I am looking for in organization and I don’t have to guess where to hang it {I never take the time to measure anything, so you can imagine what my walls look like}.

    I am also a big one on changing things out, this gives me the chance to do that without purchasing new products {and making even more holes in our walls}. I swear I am purchasing dry erase markers each week, thank goodness I buy those from the dollar store or we would seriously be in debt. Ingenious to put a tray to hold them! I am so thrilled you were able to review and share this product. It is on my wishlist for Christmas and my husband had better get me one. Err I mean Santa should know that I have been fairly decent this year and should consider leaving one under our tree for me. {Or better yet, Santa can hang it with no extra holes in our walls}

  2. Krista Bainbridge

    Oh wow – I really love this idea! With two kiddos active in dance, sports, school activities and more – not to mention my own work schedule and “extras” – we could definitely use something like this in our house to keep ourselves on task! What a great idea! And it is SO cute, too!

  3. I agree with Danelle! As a former teacher, I also LOVE this! When I start homeschooling my son, I definitely will be getting something like this.

  4. The Tailor Made Whiteboards are fantastic. What a great idea. I could use one of these in 3 rooms of the house. One for myself in the kitchen for a meal planner because I hate trying to figure out what to cook at the last minute. Another one for the laundry room. One in the entry way for chores. I like how easy it is to change them and the tray is wonderful. A place to put the markers and the dry eraser. I have a plain white board with nothing on it and I’m forever looking for one or the other because it doesn’t have a tray. Not to mention it’s not very pretty. Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

  5. Cheshire Cat says

    What a great idea!

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