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I’m a homeschooling mom of three special needs children. The spare time I have isn’t spare time at all because that’s the only time I have to work! It’s not uncommon that I’ll make a meal for everybody else but forget to eat myself! Even more common is that I have a hard time eating balanced meals with ideal nutrients and calories.

Disclosure: I received a one week subscription to facilitate my Diet-to-Go review. Regardless, all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Diet-to-Go Review

Diet-to-Go takes all the guesswork out of food tracking and calorie counting by providing pre-made nutritionally balanced meals in line with your choice of plan: low-fat, vegetarian, and low-carb. They are designed to help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Additionally, they offer a supportive online community and a mobile app to help you track your goals and progress.

Diet-to-Go offers both home delivery as well as local pickup options in some areas. This allows more people to experience their services versus solely offering pickup options. For my review, I received one week worth of meals delivered to my home. For the week, I received three meals per day with a corresponding menu/plan to follow. The meals themselves were labeled by day as well. Not to mention, I could use the app on my iPhone for reference as well! It definitely lays everything out to make it easy!

The package is packed in a Styrofoam box with both ice packs and dry ice.

Diet-to-Go Review Home Delivery

The Meals

Although the meal plans are laid out each week, there is leeway for flexibility. Substitutions can be made if needed or preferred. This is a great way to be sure to avoid any foods to which you may be sensitive as well as making sure you enjoy your meals. Let’s face it – when you’re working hard to lose weight, unappealing food isn’t exactly a motivator! Knowing you have the flexibility to make substitutions can definitely help you feel confident you will enjoy your experience.

Many of the meals are to remain frozen and then cooked in the microwave or oven. The containers are both microwave and oven safe, so if you’re in a hurry, you can opt for the microwave, but if you want to preserve nutrients that microwaving can destroy, it’s nice that they can be put in the oven as well! Most meals had multiple items including some with drinks. So it was important to know what meals would be coming up so they could be properly thawed.

I, personally, preferred the foods that needed to be cooked as I found foods that were to remain cold or neutral temperature (such as sandwiches) weren’t as appealing – particularly toward the end of the week. I have texture preferences, though, due to my Sensory Processing Disorder, so I am known for balking at bread that has been frozen or in the refrigerator.

Of course, with anything there are going to be those you love and those you may not like as much. I don’t think I’ve met anyone that likes absolutely everything they’ve eaten! Mostly, though, I was pleased with the taste of the foods, and there were definitely some I absolutely LOVED! It varied from the breakfast meals to the dinners. All meals definitely filled me up, and they gave me a realistic outlook on portion sizes.

Diet-to-Go Review French Toast

Although the meals include everything you need for your main three meals, you may need additional snacks to meet your calorie goals. I, personally, strive to eat every 2.5-3.5 hours to keep my metabolism firing, so in between meal snacks were a necessity for me.

I did also have to make a few substitutions of my own. As I was caught up in “life” when my meal order was placed, I didn’t look it over for substitutions. I had concerns with ingredients in some of the foods – particularly artificial sweeteners. I not only believe they are unhealthy, but they also trigger my migraines and Fibromyalgia flare ups. Unfortunately, there were a few things that had them, so I either made my own substitution (using natural maple syrup instead of the artificial syrup with sucralose) or just didn’t eat it (like the yogurts). Because I didn’t take advantage of substitutions, I am not 100% sure, but I would think I would probably be able to make substitutions.

The App

The Diet-to-Go App offers a flexible way to track my stats on the go. This service is also offered in the online Diet-to-Go account, but I definitely preferred using the app. I may not always be on my computer, but I almost always have my phone.

What I appreciate about the app is that it is well-rounded. I was able to set my goals by plugging in my current weight and my goal weight, and it calculated my ideal calorie intake. I am able to plug-in all the foods I consume throughout the day – including additional foods. It is not limited to only Diet-to-Go meals. I am also able to track how much water I’m drinking (important for many reasons) and exercise. It even gives me an option to set a step goal.

What I love most about the Diet-to-Go App is that by plugging in what I’m consuming each day (and how much I’m exercising) really helps me to be more conscious about my choices. Of course, for the week I received meals, that was kind of done for me! I still like that it gives me the “big picture,” though. I’ve noticed that when I’m tempted by a snack I probably shouldn’t have, I’m actually less likely to have it because I don’t want to have to plug it in!

Diet-to-Go Review Meal Tracker

For the week I received the Diet-to-Go meals, it was easy to check them in. They are already there and available for you to choose for that day. The only concern I had is sometimes I didn’t finish the meal because I was full, and I wasn’t able to tweak the amount I ate from the meal. It surely simplified things, though!

Of course, the app isn’t limited to just the Diet-to-Go meals. In fact, it already has a pretty extensive list when you search! If there is a food that isn’t available, it can be added! I am able to save my favorites as well, which makes it quick and easy to plug in the foods I eat often.

Overall, I am glad I had a chance to review both the Diet-to-Go meals and app. I continue to use the app to track my goals. I was excited to discover that the week I was eating the Diet-to-Go meals I lost 2 pounds! It definitely motivated me to keep portions and calories where they need to be. Nothing beats the convenience, though. That’s for sure! So many time we turn to questionable frozen meals or fast food and totally sabotage what we’re working toward! Diet-to-Go offers a convenient option to help keep you on track!

Diet-to-Go does not require a contract, so you can sign up for their delivery services and cancel if needed. In fact, it’s so easy to manage, you can stop and restart based on specific dates if you will be out of town for example. The meal substitutions are unlimited and each plan type (Traditional Low-Fat, Vegetarian, and Low Carb) offer 4 different options: a 5 Day Plan with Lunch and Dinner, 5 Day Plan with all three meals, 7 Day Plan with Lunch and Dinner, or a 7 Day Plan with all three meals. There is so much flexibility!

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