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Well, I’ve been super busy. In this busyness I have decided to do something a little different with Pea of Sweetness! As everybody probably knows I’ve been trying to start a cloth diapering business for a couple of years now.  Life circumstances like my husband’s cancer, birth of a 3rd child, etc. has set me back. So in the meantime I decided to pursue direct sales again with my focus on Team Beachbody! But in my quest to continually improve our health and the quality of life for our family I’ve pursued a few direct sales businesses! I figured since Pea of Sweetness is my brand name/my creation it is the perfect place to share EVERYTHING I’m doing all in one place! So you’ll notice that I’m slowly adding all my businesses on here as well as my main site: http://www.peaofsweetness.com I’ll be blogging as well about my “Why” for each of these businesses. They’re all different yet some may be connected. For example I started Beachbody as I was searching for a way to improve my health and fitness and overcome my Fibromyalgia, and what a blessing it was! I then started learning more and more about organic foods, super foods, etc., which lead into learning more about what we’re using ON our bodies as well as what’s going in them – chemicals, parabens, etc. in our body care products, cleaners, etc. My husband having cancer twice really struck a chord with me, and I wanted to feel like I was educated to make wise decisions for our family. This search for better (and affordable) products without chemicals and parabens led me to Chartreuse. And even after becoming an Independent Consultant with Chartreuse I’ve learned even MORE, and I’m so grateful! I really felt like Chartreuse also tied in well with eco-living in general, which goes back to my love of cloth diapers! They also have re-usable essentials like paperless towels, sandwich bags, snack bags, etc. as well as organic bath & body products, make-up, and cleaning products – and SOAP NUTS! Soap Nuts are GREAT for washing cloth diapers! Not to mention the word “Chartreuse” is French which fits well with my love of the French language! haha 🙂 I have stories like this for all of them, and I will share them ALL in the near future, so stay tuned as I add my stories as well as the links and all the information!

Pea of Sweetness’s new slogan is “Lifestyle designed by a full-time mom!” I want to say a special “Thank-you” to all of our family and friends that have supported us through our ups and downs over the past couple of years and everybody’s prayers through our hard times as my husband was ill and our different life transitions. Your support has been an amazing blessing for our family, and we continually pray that my new adventures also touch others as that is (and always will be) my ultimate gift – knowing that I may somehow educate someone to change something for the better or provide something for others that is helpful, educational, etc.



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  1. Wish you well in 2013 in everything that you do.

  2. All the best. Hope you have achieved your goals.
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