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We had the chance to review The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Peter Rabbit at the Farm from Kinder Cottage Publishing. I love Peter Rabbit and even had the nursery adorned with Peter Rabbit when our two youngest kids were babies. So I love that Tales of Peter Rabbit are adaptations of the original works from Duff Graham for the Henry Altemus Company.

Although the original works were written in the 1900’s, they have updated some of the text to language we use today. What I appreciate, though, is that they are true to the original works. There were phrases we don’t use today that I think really brought the stories to life. I love feeling like we’re experiencing everything the story is – including the history that is reflected in the language.

The beautiful illustrations also stay true to the original works and really tell the story through the illustrations. Our kids really liked them as well. They’re so unique and different than modern illustrations.

The books are ideal for ages 3-9. They are too advanced for our children to read themselves as our oldest two both have reading delays. They read at around a late Kindergarten to early 1st Grade level. I believe children in the upper range could read them without assistance. For us, they have become part of our both our nighttime reading and read aloud time during our homeschool circle time.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Tale of Peter Rabbit Children's Book review

The Tale of Peter Rabbit is like the introduction to Peter Rabbit. It gives us insight to his adventurous, mischievous character as well as his family and why it’s so important to stay out of Mr. McGregor’s garden! It is fun and full of adventure. It definitely keeps our kids’ attention.

There were a couple of statements that are a little straight-forward like finding out why they need to stay out of Mr. McGregor’s garden because of what happened to his father. I think I was the one that was a little surprised the first time, but it didn’t phase our kids at all.

I like that through Peter’s adventures we learn a lot about character in general. I think the takeaway lesson is that we should obey our parents because they love us and want to protect us. Choosing not to can result in consequences like getting yourself into dangerous situations. We actually discussed it afterwards, which I always love those teachable moments.

Peter Rabbit at the Farm

Peter Rabbit at the Farm

Peter Rabbit at the Farm begins with a short introduction to Peter Rabbit, so if you are new to the stories you can still choose to read this story first. It also gives us a preface of an upcoming tale as well.

Of course, he was ready for mischief again and he was off to more adventures. In this book we get to meet so many different characters! I love that Peter goes beyond being mischievous but also sets on a mission to help others. Not only that, but he showed leadership to solve the problem by delegating others to help with tasks.

He went on to make more friends. He got into more trouble, too! He realized it was time to go home!

I think there are many lessons in this story from friendship, leadership, and what happens when you get too curious!


We really enjoy both books. They are small, hardback books about the height of my hand. They have around 60 pages, but there is usually text on one page and an illustration on the other. Plus, most pages have just a short paragraph.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Peter Rabbit at the Farm can be purchased for $4.00 each.

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