Technical Issues and Rebranding (Without Changing Names!)

Well, we’re going through some changes around here. There have been some very unwelcome technical issues, and I am so sorry if you’ve tried to access my site and it was either down or loading very slowly. In a crazy attempt to get things running better again, I’ve been changing around some things on the homepage. Right now, I’ve mostly been removing some things, but I hope to add them back again soon!

So I ask that you please bear with me as we work through these technical issues. I do know it can be so frustrating (I have been in tears over it at times!), and I am so very appreciative of your support. Please know I’m doing all I can to get things running better again.

Because I have been making some changes to try to lessen the load on my server, I decided now is good a time as any to announce I’ll be making some more drastic changes. Since I’ve already started removing things from my side bar and footer, once the technical issues have cleared up, I will begin the transformation to my new brand – yes I’m rebranding. But no, I’m not changing my name or URL.

So alas, I will be “Under Construction.” Once the technical issues pass, this should not affect the function of my website – just the look and feel. One minute it might look one way and when you click over to something else it might be totally different!

Under Construction

Confused? Well, I started Pea of Sweetness as a website to showcase my craft and sewing products. They were primarily baby-centric and eco-friendly. When I then progressed into blogging, I still had a pretty big focus on things like cloth diapers and having a toddler, though I introduced homeschooling as our older two children were of school age. As our toddler grew, so did my content. I still talk a lot about eco-friendly living because it’s a huge part of our lives, but obviously there are no more cloth diapers (or toddlers).

I feel like the look of Pea of Sweetness and even the name it represents (if you read my About Us section you will see it is, indeed, based on a baby name) hasn’t grown with the content, though. It still has a very “baby” looking feel to it. As we are unable to have more children (something that sometimes is a really hard fact for me), I feel it is time to progress away from that image.

Rebranding is tough, though. It is really A LOT of work. Finding a name that fits your brand then hoping that domain is available is hard enough. Then setting up all of your content in the new domain and setting up redirects! Eek! Can it be done? Sure! In fact, I’ve seen some amazing and very successful rebrands this past year. Is it a lot of work? Oh yes! Can you hire someone to do it? Yep. Is that expensive? I would think so!

Regardless, I’m taking a different spin on it. I’m embracing what I have and putting a new spin on it to rebrand Pea of Sweetness while still being Pea of Sweetness. I’m going to be setting up a new logo and a more “sophisticated” looking theme. I’m partial to the colors, but we’ll see how it goes! I’ll also be changing my tag line. Although I surely am (and will always be) working on my journey to Proverbs 31, I want Pea of Sweetness to mean something more than a cute nickname.

Do you know what, though? I’m going to wait until it’s all set up for you to see what it is! 😉

Again, thank-you so much for your patience. I am so blessed by your support, and I can’t wait to get through this big hiccup and then reintroduce Pea of Sweetness in a whole new way!

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    i really love your site and enjoy the reviews and giveaways

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