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So I typed out a whole Fishing Fridays post, and I attempted to post it multiple times. Something has been going on with our Internet for quite some time, but every time they come out to “fix” it they tell us nothing is wrong. Particularly at night, though, the Internet is in and out constantly. It’s so frustrating. So, my Fishing Fridays post disappeared. I’m just going to pass on Fishing Fridays this week now, and I’ll bring it back next week!

That being said, I do hope it’s just our Internet causing the issues and not the site itself. Many bloggers have been under attack lately. It’s terrible! I remember when it happened to me I was devastated! I have taken extra measures to secure my site, but I still see where people (or bots) mess around with different URL combos looking for vulnerabilities! It makes me sick! Plus I had a few people today say a link to one of my giveaway posts on Facebook gave them a warning and/or took them to a site that was NOT mine! Could this be a Facebook redirect issue? That definitely isn’t unheard of! Or could my link shortener have been the issue? It never caused the issue for me, so I don’t even know. It makes me very upset that those things happen, though!

I do have a few posts that I need to catch up on, so I may have to post them from my phone like this one! I’ll do my best to keep up regardless! 🙂

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  1. It is a shame that some individuals feel entitled to make life difficult for others. I have had my information stolen from a major site and sold. Too many sites I visit have been attacked and two had to be completely redone. I have been having trouble with links on quite a few sites lately, so it isn’t just yours. I hope things get straightened out for you soon.

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