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Home organization has been a big issue for me since we moved into our current home, which is MUCH smaller than the home we were living in before. It didn’t take long until all the closets were full, and our bedroom doesn’t have any dressers since it is smaller and barely fits our King-size bed! Although we are about to move soon, I still want a good storage system I can count on. I was really excited to receive some products from Two Lumps of Sugar to review.

Two Lumps of Sugar offers a variety of products that are fun, gorgeous, and functional! They have such a variety of products in many colors and patterns. You can get products for your kitchen, garden, and their storage products. They also offer products for baby, travel, cleaning up, and your tech products. Those are just a few examples! There are so many great products available in their Retail Shop.

My Review

For my review I received products from their Princess Storage. They are all pink polka dots – just like my site background! Obviously, I adore the pattern! I received a Lumper© large folding storage bin, a Mumper© small folding storage bin, and a small and large under bed storage bag. Not only do I have a great storage system, but they are a pattern I love and they match!

Home Organization

The Lumper© quickly became a hamper because we were in desperate need of a new hamper as our previous one has worn out. The amount of clothes it can hold is more than what we had before, so that was definitely a plus. With a family of 5 it’s easy to fall behind on laundry, so having a laundry basket that can hold a lot is important. I also love that it has two ways to carry it. It has handles attached as well as openings you could use to pick it up as well. I definitely prefer using the handles, though, since it is pretty full when I take it to the laundry room. The Lumper© is made from recycled plastic bottles with a nylon lining. I LOVE that they use recycled plastic bottles! It’s great for the eco-conscious consumers like our family!

The Mumper© looks similar to the Lumper©, but it is smaller. It is the perfect size for things you want to organize and then put it on a shelf, under a sink, etc. I put it to use to organize our smaller clothing items like socks and undergarments. It takes up hardly any space at all in our closet, and now all of our socks and undergarments are easier to find!

The Large Under Bed Storage Bag and Small Under Bed Storage Bag are perfect for our storage problem. Since we are out of storage room putting things under our bed is a wonderful solution. I put blankets in both of them because our linen closet is small and SO full. This is a much better option than trying to keep shoving them all in there. I have switched all the blankets to the large storage bag and will be using the small storage bag for my shoes! Now my shoes are all in one place instead of in a pile in the closet!

Overall, I’m really excited to have discovered Two Lumps of Sugar, and if you need some help with organization, too, you should definitely check it out! Don’t forget to check out all the other great products they offer as well!

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What is your biggest organization challenge?

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Home Organization

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  1. tia albright says

    my biggest home organizing challenge is all of the kids toys everywhere and not enough room for clothes:)

  2. My biggest organizational challenge is the linen closet.

  3. Two Lumps of Sugar says

    Our mumpers, lumpers and trunksters are all great choices to give each child to stay organized. Closet cubes zip to totally hide the toys when not in use.

  4. Krista Bainbridge

    Putting things away. If I had more time to put it away (anything: books, laundry, etc) then I would be better off, lol

  5. sherry butcher

    My biggest challenge is my Craft/office and it days to clear out and start over.

  6. Julie Bickham says

    It would be my daughters room. They have so much stuff and little space!

  7. Maria Macha says

    unfortunately, my closet. there’s just too much stuff.

  8. My biggest organizational challenge is my bedroom.
    (Lauren Rochon in giveaway widget)

  9. Donna Wharton says

    Let me see…hmmm, my home office seems to be the worst!

  10. Jody Sanders says

    Biggest challenge is just staying on top of the organizing. Once I get behind catching up is hard!

  11. Biggest challenge is school books!

  12. Carol Emmert says

    The bathroom closet

  13. Krystal Rivera says

    My biggest organizational challenge is my bedroom

  14. My challenge is organizing in itself.. I just can’t seem to STAY organized.. I get it all done, but then Keeping it that way is impossible.. Once a month I have a huge mess I have to go in and get re-organized because it all ends up in chaos.. No one puts things back where they belong.. pure laziness… (including myself. lol)

  15. Laurie Nykaza says

    keeping my drawers organized and closet is hard with so many clothes

  16. Megan Cromes says

    my room is my biggest organization challenge!

  17. Lisa McClanahan says

    It would be my room. My husband is on call, so he sleeps random hours & it seems like it takes me for ever to get in there to organize anything.

  18. Molly Hearn says

    everywhere… lol I am kinda a clutterbug …..

  19. tinareynolds says

    Way too much stuff in a small house

  20. Cheryl Rahkonen

    My computer room is my biggest challenge. I have stuff sitting everywhere and stuffed in here and there.

  21. Cheryl Rahkonen

    My computer room is my biggest challenge. I have stuff sitting everywhere and stuffed in here and there.

  22. My biggest organizing challengs is not having a garage so I have to use a spare bedroom for funky stuff and tool storage.

  23. Brenda White Myers says

    My master bedroom closet is my biggest challenge it is a mess that’s where we store everything we can’t find room for in other places 🙁

  24. Becky VanGinkel says

    Keeping my childrens closets from looking like a tornado has went through them!!!!!! Seriously, it is my biggest pet peeve ever! It actually gives me anxiety looking in them! lol

  25. Keeping my spare room neat & clutter free (everything ends up in there)..

  26. Samantha Oran Cross says

    My biggest challenge when it comes to organization is KEEPING THINGS THAT WAY. LOL My fiance & my five year old plus our five furbabies don’t exactly make it easy! <3

  27. Rebecca Williams Parsons says

    Keeping the kids socks in order! Seems like they end up in every place but the right one.

  28. Bonnie Caselman

    My biggest home organization challenge would be a toss-up between dishes with no dish washer & laundry with no home. (The laundry’s homeless, not me!)

  29. My biggest home organization is that i have a 3 bedroom house with 2 kids and 3 adult’s living here.

  30. finding a place for everything

  31. I thing this organization system with Lumpers & Mumpers is cute and I would love every time I looked at it or put something away in either the Lumper or Mumper.

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