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Disclosure: I received the Tynker app download to facilitate my Tynker App review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and those of my family.

Tynker app reviewIn December I had the chance to review Tynker’s Introduction to Programming. It is a great program that enables children to learn programming and design. It not only helped our son learn programming and design, but it helps build his confidence, and he enjoys it!

I’m excited to announce that there is now a Tynker iPad app! On the app children can solve puzzles and learn to code – on the go! Do you have a long trip? Doctor appointment and need to keep them busy while you wait? We use a lot of apps in our homeschooling to split computer and one-on-one time, too!

Tynker app review

The Tynker app starts off with simple coding and builds up to increase the difficulty of the puzzles. First, it is just one step, then it is two, four, and so on. Even if they are familiar with it, I think this is still a great way to start and work up. They are then rewarded stars based on how they did. If they missed a step for instance, they may get only 2 out of 3 stars.

As I mentioned in my initial Tynker review, our children (even our 6 year old has used the app) are capable of using the program, but because there is reading involved, I do have to sit with them while they use it so I can read the words. I then allow them to work out the puzzles on their own. Even when making a mistake, they don’t feel discouraged as the app is helpful to encourage them by offering a suggestion to correct the mistake rather than simply saying “wrong,” or even “oops.” I think this is a great approach!

Puppy Tynker App Review

The Tynker App is used by moving code blocks around with your finger, which may even be easier for some children than dragging things with the mouse on a computer. I think having both the Introduction to Programming Course and the App is great because kids learn so much from the course, and having the app for learning on the go or when the computer is taken is helpful as well.

You can get Tynker on iTunes for Free to start with Puppy Adventure (20 levels – Beginner) with the option for in-app purchases for the three additional Intermediate puzzles or purchase the Tynker Premium App for just $4.99 to have access to everything!

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  1. I like it when my grandchildren can play educational games that are fun. I especially like that the Tynker app will help them learn programming. What a great thing!

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