UM! Brands Review

Disclosure: I received the products mentioned to facilitate my review. Regardless, all opinions are my own.

UM! Brands Review

Since we moved a few months ago we haven’t really gotten “settled.” There were quite a few things that didn’t survive the move – namely decorative objects like picture frames. Although we gained some space we also lost a bedroom and the layout is completely different. I’ve had a hard time getting organized because I’m still trying to figure things out (and yes, unpack)! Because we rent we also have limitations on what we can do as far as things we can put on the walls since we don’t want to make too many holes. When I was introduced to UM! Brands not only did I think it was a great idea, but I knew their products would be the perfect solution for some of my dilemmas as well!

UM! Brands offers reusable housewares that stick to your walls – no nails, tacks, or staples (I’m serious – I have often used staples to avoid bigger holes!) and no tools! Plus they come in a variety of really sharp colors. Of course, if you’re not one to decorate with bright colors, they do also have basic colors like black as well. The best part is that they are easy to use and can be used over and over again, which is a better alternative to the one-time use sticky tape or strips. You know how I LOVE reusable products because it saves on waste as well!

UM! Brands uses unique patented EverSTIK™ material, which they explain can be best described as “nanosuction.” Learn more about how it works.

For my review I received a Medium Note UM!, Hook UM!, Stick UM!, and Frame UM! 3 pack.

UM! Brands Review

I have to admit, at first I wasn’t sure where I would use them because there are so many possibilities! With the lack of space in the boys’ room the Hook UM! could definitely come in handy there. The biggest need I’ve had, though, is definitely the homeschooling area. We have a problem of too much stuff and not enough organized space to keep it. Plus, the “tone” of our dining/homeschooling area is definitely the most bright and lively in the whole house aside from the kids’ rooms, so I knew the colors would also be a perfect fit! So, I decided to coordinate them all together!

The Note UM!, Hook UM!, and Stick UM! have become our “every day” organization. They have the items and information we need daily. Remember how I explained our pencil problem? Now the pencils we use that day go back on the Stick UM! when we’re finished. Our box of every day essentials like scissors, glue, crayons, and pens go in the box that hang on the Hook UM!, and any daily notes go on the Note UM! I think it’s a pretty good system for making sure our every day stuff is easily accessible. There is nothing worse than having a hard time getting started for the day because you can’t even find the basic essentials!

The Note UM! is a handy little white board, and it’s easy to both write and erase, and I like that it comes with a dry erase marker that can attach to the board. It also has a magnet if you want to attach it elsewhere! I did notice with the Stick UM! we have to stick the pencils vertical because if they were horizontal they did slowly start to roll off. We haven’t had any issues with them staying on when placed vertically, though.

UM! Brands Review

Of course, no room is complete without pictures! I haven’t gotten new picture frames, though, since discovering how many had broken during the move. Of course, it’s also an advantage to avoid adding holes to the wall! I actually need to get more 4×6 pictures printed out, but I was excited to add the picture from the Air Show with Dusty from “Planes.” I actually worried the picture might slide out of place when I went to place it on the wall, but that wasn’t a problem at all! It went on easily!

Frame UM!

So how is the “reusability” factor? Although I obviously haven’t had to make any major changes, I did have to remove and replace some of them because, well, I’m not very good at applying things straight. They easily came up and still had strong sticking power when put back on. I’m impressed by the sticking power! The Hook UM!, in particular, is a good demonstration of it because you can actually feel it when you pull on the hook a little. Plus the Hook UM! can hold up to ten pounds!

The part I haven’t tested as I haven’t had need to yet is washing it when it gets dirty. It does say you can rinse it gently with water and let it air dry or dry it with a non abrasive fabric. I think that is an amazing feature because I know things sure do get dirty around here!

Overall, I think UM! Brands offers a lot of great products to fit a lot of different needs. I have seen pictures on their Facebook page and Pinterest for all the different ways people use them, and it’s amazing. There are so many possibilities! Plus with their stick and peel you have products you can use over and over again that won’t damage your walls and reduce waste!

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  1. Ann Cluck

    I would more than likely use these for pictures. However, I love some of the examples for a briefcase, pencils and a calendar. Wow, these are very versatile! I would love to win, but would buy anyway!!

  2. i would love them for pics and writing of notes and chores or messages…this is a great thing for a home trying to get structure in it 😉

  3. I would use them for writing notes.

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