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Lavished Grace

I love unique products, but even more I love unique products that have a meaning and story behind them. Lavished Grace offers African Paper Bead Jewelry as well as paper bead bags and African scarfs. The story behind what they offer is beautiful! The family behind Lavished Grace has been called to adopt. In following that calling they are being led to adopt a child from Uganda. Read their full story.

The products Lavished Grace offers are handmade by women in Uganda. Through the sales of this jewelry it helps support their families, receive medical care, send their children to school and just overall look forward to a more hopeful future. Not only do the purchases help these women but also the Lavished Grace family as they raise money to adopt a child from Uganda.

For my review I received a paper bead necklace and three paper bead stretch bracelets.

Lavished Grace Review

I was so excited when I got the package. They are stunning! Something that is unique about the paper bead jewelry is that because they are handmade using recycled paper no two will ever be alike. You will always have a “one of a kind.” The process they use to make the paper bead jewelry rolls the paper and applies a clear varnish, so the colors are really bold as well! I can definitely appreciate the work put into it knowing it takes one day to create a necklace! Because they are handmade the lengths may also vary, which again, I believe makes them so unique!

I really couldn’t get over how beautiful they are! They’re made with recycled paper? It really is hard to believe if you don’t actually know that fact in advance. The different paper beads vary in length and width. I looked them over multiple times in awe of the craftsmanship!

The necklace I received is very long and could be worn multiple ways. I, personally, double it up like shown in my picture. Our daughter likes it as well, and for her I layer it with three loops. I love how versatile it is. I actually wear all three bracelets together because they look gorgeous together! Because they are stretchy they stay well without sliding all over.

I am so glad I was introduced to Lavished Grace. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I think the paper bead jewelry would make a unique gift! I think the craftsmanship is beautiful and the cause is beautiful. I love wearing my paper bead jewelry and sharing the story behind it!

For More Information:

Visit the Lavished Grace Website
Visit the Lavished Grace Shop
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Would you like the chance to win a paper bead necklace and bracelets? You can enter to win a paper bead necklace and 3 bracelets! The giveaway runs through 1/29 at 11pm Central time and is open to US residents ages 18+. ENTER NOW!

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  1. Crystal Lynn Brummett says

    How awesome is this… Thanks for sharing dear.. 🙂 Going to try to make some.

  2. I like that the sale of the beads not only gives the women a job but also buys them things. I have not ordered from this company, I use Mzuri Beads and the beads are so pretty. I make my own paper beads also.I love paper beads!!!!

  3. Holly Thomas says

    I have never heard of paper beads before, and I would love to see them in person!

  4. Gale McCarron

    God bless these beautiful women in Uganda and the amazing handcrafted art they create that helps their Family’s survival.

  5. I think it is inspiring how these ladies help care for their families by making such beautiful things!!

  6. Heather Smith says

    I love the story behind Lavished Grace jewelry! Thank you for introducing me to such a worthy cause.

  7. Sandra Beeman says

    i like the beautiful and delicate colors of the beads. Also, I respect what the African ladies use their proceeds do to help their children

  8. Paula Ball says

    I recently watched a program called Tribal Wives that highlights a different tribe of natives on each episode. Women from” civilized” countries live with and document daily lives for a month. It’s humbling to see how simply yet happily they live. Nothing is easy, food, water, any so many other things we take for granted yet they are so loving and happy in their lives.

    • That would be so interesting to watch! I have heard stories from those that have traveled to different countries, and they have said the same thing.

      • Paula Ball says

        It’s on LINK TV & there’s an episode tonight on Ethiopia, next one is on Namibia, then Namibia, lastly Tanzania. You should be able to get it online if you don’t have satellite tv.

  9. This is an awesome story and the beads are gorgeous. I love that multiple people benefit from this project/fundraiser!

  10. Susan Broughton says

    These are really beautiful items! I like that this is a great charity that can help themselves raise money by making and selling items.

  11. What I like most is that the proceeds are going towards adopting a child from Uganda.

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