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Summer is almost here. As year-round homeschoolers, we still work through the summer with occasional breaks when needed, and they are definitely needed! We constantly have technology in our face. Not only do we use a lot of it in our homeschool, but we’re also a family of gamers, so we all spend a lot of time on electronics. It’s not uncommon to have everyone on some device whether it be the computer, smart phones, game consoles, tablets, handheld game systems, etc.

We are definitely a “tech family,” but it is so very important to unplug regularly to stay connected as a family. Technology definitely doesn’t take the place of connecting, though. It can be so easy to fall into that trap, though, when these distractions are so easily accessed. We definitely have to make a conscious effort to unplug, and we do so regularly.

Here are just a few ways we unplug:

  • Going boating and fishing. Although we do go fishing without boating, we definitely always fish when we go boating!
  • Going to parks and playgrounds. Whether it’s playing on the swings or jungle gyms or just taking a walk on the trail, we love to spend time at the parks and playgrounds.
  • Playing board games. Now that the kids are getting older, our board game library has been growing. We love to play board games together as a family.
  • Playing active games. Playing games like ping pong, croquet, kickball, soccer, etc.

Stay connected with UnPlugNPlay with Killerspin

Disclosure: We received complimentary products to facilitate our review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and those of my family.

Recently, we were introduced to the UnPlugNPlay initiative by Killerspin. They want to encourage families to put down all their devices and connect! They know how important it is to enjoy family time!

Additionally, we had the opportunity to add to our list of fun physical activities with the MyT Lee mini ping pong table as well as the equipment needed to play including a JET800 Paddle, JET600 Paddle, and 4 Star Ping Pong Balls. When we received it, we were ready to UnPlugNPlay!

Killerspin UnPlugNPlay

The MyT Lee Mini is absolutely perfect for our family! It’s incredibly portable. We have a small house, but when it’s a rainy day, we would love to be more active indoors. The MyT Lee Mini can be easily stored and taken out and set up when we’re ready to play! We’ll just set it up in the living room and play! We could easily keep the TV on, but that definitely defeats the whole purpose of connecting. We make sure we are completely unplugged and focus on fun time together!

The best part is we can easily have fun with others as well! The MyT Lee Mini is so portable we can take it outside when the weather allows or even take it to a friend’s or family member’s house to not only connect with each other, but others as well! It has a handle for easy portability. Plus, I love that it encourages them to unplug as well!

UnPlugNPlay with Family and Friends

The MyT Lee Mini is, of course, smaller than we are used to, and though the kids quickly picked up playing with the size, the adults have to get used to it, and it has been a BLAST! Sometimes we keep score, and other times we just have fun and laugh together. It’s right there to easily set up whenever we’re ready!

The JET Paddles are amazing. The grip is so comfortable, and the quality is fantastic. The net and stakes for the net were neatly packed in a little bag that was strapped to the frame, and we found that was a great place to store the ping pong balls as well.

I know this has been a great way for our family to unplug and just have so much fun together. We love that it’s an activity we can do indoors or outdoors. I love that Killerspin is encouraging families to connect through UnPlugNPlay, and you should definitely check out UnPlugNPlay to learn more!

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  1. What a cool way to encourage offline fun. My family is planning a backyard game day for this weekend. Thanks for the tips.

  2. The idea of unplugging is such a good one. We all do love our tech but the real quality of life comes from interacting with each other as a family, as friends.

  3. These are great ways to unplug and boy do we need them! The kids always want a tablet to watch or phone to play with, but I would much prefer something like the MyT Lee Mini occupy their downtime.

  4. Jacqui Odell says

    I love this idea! I think my kids would love playing this together.

  5. technology can be so addicting. With school being out, we are trying to play more outside or indoors as a family. Although we have some fun video games we can play together like Disney Infinity, we also like playing non techy games like Boom Boom Balloon (just got that a few days ago lol so much fun.)

  6. What a great idea this may be – for all those who have families – an interesting way to look at unplugging 🙂
    Andrea recently posted…Martha Stewart Living Magazine – One Year Just $7.99!My Profile

  7. What a great idea! Love this 🙂
    Robyn recently posted…LEMON POPPYSEED PANCAKESMy Profile

  8. How fun! I’d love to play this with my younger cousins this summer. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Lauren Meshkin recently posted…My Top 5 Things To Do In Nashville!My Profile

  9. Nicole Escat says

    Wow, I haven’t seen physical games for a while. Good thing you know how to unplug and keep the fun without the internet!

  10. FUN! What a great toy for kids and adults alike! I think my kids would love it.

  11. That’s awesome! Some of the ways we like to unplug are going fishing, too! It’s so relaxing near the water!


    this is great for the whole family everyone would love this play indoors or out we like to fish and do alot of outdoor activities

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