Upcoming Changes

So perhaps you’ve noticed I’ve been much quieter than usual. Way back in June I mentioned that I would be making changes like rebranding without changing names. As you may have seen, that still hasn’t yet happened. In an effort to try to fix some of my medical issues, I was trying different things. Unfortunately, we still haven’t yet found a solution that has helped long-term (particularly for the cervicogenic headaches). Some solutions helped temporarily, but often things got worse before they got better. Throw in my amazing trip to Blogger Bash, fun trips to Cedar Point and my health issues, and I had been spending far less time on the computer.

Unfortunately, the past couple of months have proven to be even more difficult. Now is not the time for details, but I can say many things are changing right now as I’m walking through the hardest trial of my life. God is so good, and I truly feel Him and see Him walking with me through this trial. He is my rock and my strength and He will make beauty from this mess. And so, I forge ahead in faith. Faith that I can still offer something through this ministry that is my blog. Faith that I will now have something more to add to my book.

Upcoming Changes

I called my blog Pea of Sweetness because it was a nickname I gave to my daughter. The rebrand is still going to happen in a way to make things look less “babyish,” and I will be embracing that *I* am Pea of Sweetness. I am the daughter of the King. He is blessing me in ways that make it more real to me what a loving Father he truly is. I still plan to use the tagline I didn’t mention in the previous post. It is “Growing with my family on God’s vine.” It’s still very relevant. Just as God is a loving Father to me, He is a loving Father to my kids as well.

The next few months will continue to bring challenges, but I will continue to move forward in confidence. God is lending me strength I never knew I could have. I am trusting God. He loves me, and He won’t let me fall. I’m his Pea of Sweetness.


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  1. I’m sorry you’ve been going through such hard times in your life. I hope things get better soon. I’m looking forward to seeing the changes in your blog.

  2. Sorry to hear that. Yeah surely you are his Pea of Sweetness. God bless.

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