The Newest VeggieTales Movie – Celery Night Fever!

We are always thrilled when a new VeggieTales DVD is released! When we receive it, the kids always want to watch it immediately no matter what we’re doing at that moment! Celery Night Fever was surely no exception! The kids couldn’t wait to watch it!

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Disclosure: As a VeggieTales Blogger I received the DVD to facilitate my Celery Night Fever review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and those of my family.

The newest VeggieTales movie was released August 5th. Not only did I get a chance to review it with our family, but I also got the chance to attend VeggieTales Day including the Celery Night Fever Release Party on August 4th. If you follow me on social media, I’m sure you saw all the pictures I was sharing! I have a lot to share from that trip, and I’ll be sharing it all throughout the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!

While there I also got to learn more about Celery Night Fever – how they decided on the look for Bruce Onion and how they choose the message. Friendship and forgiveness are hard topics to cover, aren’t they? I think so – especially with younger children. It’s an important lesson for children to learn, though, and it’s one they will be using their whole life. It’s more than just the every day spats they have with each other. Celery Night Fever really gets to the heart of the matter – more than just disagreeing and arguing, but to forgive someone that has really hurt you.

Celery Night Fever

As with other VeggieTales movies, all three of our kids were really into Celery Night Fever. They were not only learning an important life lesson, but they were having fun as well. Our preschooler kept asking what “funky” meant. I told him the way he was dancing was funky. Ha! I love that we can have fun together while enjoying a movie with good values.

Check out the Celery Night Fever trailer:

Doesn’t it look great? There is great music in Celery Night Fever and my husband and I love that Terry Crews was the voice of Bruce Onion! We overall love the disco theme as well! As always, it had a great message! Not only does it discuss forgiveness, but it really hits on the point that God forgives no matter what. If He offers this grace to us, shouldn’t we, in turn, offer it to others?

We did notice the changes in Laura Carrot, which I’ve seen others mention, but we didn’t think much of it, and the kids didn’t say anything. I now know more about upcoming changes and why it is a good thing, which I’ll share as I roll out my other posts!

We loved Celery Night Fever and have watched it many times since we first watched it. I was also excited to bring home an autographed copy of Celery Night Fever by Terry Crews and autographed picture as well!

Celery Night Fever Terry Crews

Of course, there are always great activities available to compliment Celery Night Fever as well! Be sure to check out all the free downloadable activities including some great Celery Night Fever coloring sheets. You can also find activities on their Printables Board on Pinterest.

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  1. Linda Manns Linneman

    I love Veggie Tales. Children can learn so much while enjoying the action. I will definitely have to get this for my grandkids. Thank you for sharing

  2. (The Newest VeggieTales Movie – Celery Night Fever!) Sounds like a great DVD for the children, would like to have this one for my grandson.

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