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With parenting comes new responsibilities. Often times it comes with a lot of family changes, too, which can mean a new vehicle. We had all of our children pretty close together. In fact, all three are in car seats still. Well, our oldest is in a booster seat, but the point is – they take up a lot of room! By the time we were expecting our daughter we knew we would have to get another vehicle because our small back seat wouldn’t fit two car seats – particularly rear facing! So, we got our first mini-van.

Mini Van

Mini-vans are a great option for moms on the go because it has plenty of space for multiple children as well as any bags, equipment, etc. you may need for trips or events! Plus, if you happen to have a 125lb dog like ours, there is room for a pup, too! As you can see above, the van fit all three children nicely, and we had one seat removed for more space for the dog! This was right when we had moved, so the trunk was packed with bags, too! With all the features available in mini-vans now, you can find one that is just right for your family!

A popular Mini Van with a lot of great features is the Dodge Grand Caravan. There are a variety of models and some pretty amazing features! Do your kids love the Blu-Ray movies, but you could never take them in the car? Some models have a Blu-Ray player! You can make many seat adjustments as well!

Due to our lifestyle, we got to a point where a Mini Van was no longer ideal for our family. We like to fish, and many of the places to fish were off the beaten path. It just wasn’t ideal driving for our Mini Van, so that is when we decided a better fit would be an SUV with third row seats!

If you are a mom on the go with a large family but also like to go places that are off the beaten path, and SUV with third row seats can be a great option. Although the seating is a little different than a Mini Van, it still offers the ability to accommodate a large number of people, multiple car seats, and yes, a large dog. In fact, our SUV seats more than the van because both rows of seats are full rows versus the two bucket seats for the first row in the van! The trunk space is a little smaller, though there are SUVs with third row seats that also have plenty of trunk space as well! So when you’re on the go you can still fit all your bags and equipment, too!


If you don’t have a need for third row seats, a standard SUV might be the best choice for your family! There is a full row of back seats for the kids and plenty of trunk space for everything you need to take with you on the go! A popular SUV is the Jeep Cherokee. There are different models available with different features to fit your family! Something great about SUVs is that they’re sturdy, too!

If you’ve been considering a new vehicle to fit your family’s needs check out Holt Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram which serves the greater Dallas area. They have the information you need on the vehicle as well as a knowledgable sales team to help make sure you get the vehicle that’s right for your family!

If you’re a mom on the go, what do you look for in a vehicle?

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    For some other reasons, I believe its particularly a great idea for a third removable seat. Sometimes its a good idea to separate a couple of children whom just are not getting along while riding in the car.

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