We Made It! Our Moving Adventure

I didn’t have a chance to post my “Merry Christmas!” message on here, but I do hope you had a blessed Christmas! So we finally made it to Ohio. We arrived on Christmas Eve. If you saw my announcement about moving you may be thinking it took a little longer than you’d expect. You would be right! I’m pretty sure most moves don’t go as planned, but this one was particularly an adventure – not the good kind of adventure, though! The good news is, though, we made it! We finished unloading the truck today and are excited for our new adventure – the good kind of adventure!

Our Moving Adventure

One thing is for sure – the weather was totally against us. I said we were leaving on the 21st, but we didn’t. The day we got the moving truck it rained – ALL DAY. We got a few things on, but just a few. It gave us an opportunity to spend more time with our families before we left, though I am sad I didn’t get to see my grandma because she was in the hospital and not feeling up to company.

We did get to see my other family, and while we’re visiting our youngest, who had a cold at the time, started coughing so hard it made him sick to his stomach. I feared he wouldn’t be well enough for the move, but it was just a one time thing!

Upon returning to the house to load more stuff on to the truck so we could at least leave the next day, we discover our dog had gotten out, and I had to go find her. She’s not typically a runner, but since we weren’t home she decided not to go back. *Sigh*

We still weren’t finished that night, so we woke up and got right to work. It took much longer than I imagined finishing up all the little stuff and picking up and vacuuming the floors. Finally, though we’d be on our way!

It was almost dinner time when we left, so we talked about a more realistic goal for where we’d stop for the night because originally we planned on only one stop in Tennessee. We knew we’d have to stop in Arkansas but were hopeful we could drive straight through from there.

My husband’s alarm didn’t go off, so we left much later than expected, but we were off again! It was raining – and raining and raining and raining. By the time it was getting dark visibility wasn’t ideal. Since I fought a migraine the day before and was fighting fatigue that day, we just decided it would be best to stop again – in Tennessee where we planned to stop the first time! I felt like we’d never make it!

I bathed the dog and cat at the hotel because even though our cat did much better than I expected he still made a mess on himself, and the dog just plain smelled! Ha! So we had clean pets and a chance to get more sleep, though it was probably the worst hotel I’ve ever stayed, but this post is long enough, so I’ll spare the details. 😉

We didn’t need our alarm that morning as the cat decided to knock the gerbil cage off the table, and we startled out of bed to see the damage. Our daughter amazingly caught both gerbils (who were now loose) in one snatch. Phew!

It was super early, but if we wanted to get there at a decent time, we figured we might as well leave. It was Christmas Eve, so we wanted to see our family!

Off we went in the gloomy, rainy weather. We heard it might be snowing up in Ohio that night, so we were hoping to get there before the snow. There never was any snow, but it was gloomy, windy, and rainy the whole way there. The WHOLE WAY. It was terrible. Plus my husband, who was ahead of me in the moving truck, discovered our headlights weren’t working in automatic mode. I’m sure this is because you cannot move without some type of vehicle issue.

I was fighting my fatigue again, a headache, and a stomach ache surely brought on by the stress, so we had to make frequent stops. At this point I wasn’t even sure we’d make it there at a decent time that night – if at all! I just kept praying and praying that we’d be able to get through the final stretch.

We did! We arrived on Christmas Eve just before dinner. We walked in to the sweetest surprise – a Christmas tree with decorations and some goodies under the tree to welcome us to our new home. It was such an amazing blessing. We were finally home – and just in time for Christmas!

Christmas Blessing

I have been trying to catch up on blog posts to discover my computer has malware, and I was going to have to get rid of it first. Plus our internet won’t be connected until Tuesday, but I’m here posting from my phone. I cleared the malware, so I should be “back” soon. In the meantime we’re working on putting things behind us and starting our new adventure. We had amazing help with unloading the truck today, got to the store for some winter gear, and got a few basics for the house. We are so ready to settle in to our home.

It seems most moves have at least something that doesn’t go as planned. Have you ever had a move that went as planned or one like ours that was a bit of a disaster?

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  1. glad that despite all the delays, you have arrived and are settling in. Thinking Of you all!!

  2. Katherine Riley says

    Welcome to Ohio – you will soon learn Ohio weather is not predictable at all. We live in the SW corner and have learned to be prepared for anything and everything!!!! Hope the unpacking and settling in is going well.

  3. So glad you made it there safely. 🙂
    Jayne Townsley recently posted…Who Are You Hanging Out With?My Profile

  4. Hello new Buckeyes! Welcome to Ohio! You’ll find that the weather isn’t the only nutty thing here! LOL! I’m in the NW corner and I’m really enjoying the mild winter so far. Hope you settle in ok and wishing you a great start to the New Year!

    • Thank-you! You probably don’t live too far from me then. I live in Northwest Ohio as well close to where I grew up. I’ve lived in Ohio for a total of around 25 years, so it’s nice to be home! 🙂 I hope you have a great start to the new year as well!
      Emilee recently posted…We Made It! Our Moving AdventureMy Profile

  5. Moving is always an adventure, especially across states! We moved from Indiana to Arkansas in February in 2010…and it was fine except for snow and ice around Memphis. Our move back this summer was pretty easy. Myka and I had no troubles (and it wasn’t nearly as scary traveling that far alone with her as I thought!), although my husband did run into a nasty storm when he came in August. Glad you guys are finally getting settled!
    Alicia Owen recently posted…Update in Pictures 12/23/14My Profile

  6. Linda Buzard-Moffitt

    I’m glad You made it in time and I understand we just moved too and I HATED IT!!!!

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