We survived the dentist!

All 3 kids had their first dentist appointment yesterday. I know, long overdue for our 5 and 6 year old! Brayden has had some tooth pain, though, and, as I said, a trip to the dentist was long overdo! We got recommendations from other parents with special needs children who also have the military dental insurance, so I felt good about our choice. To be totally honest, though, I was still pretty nervous. I wasn’t sure how the kids would do, and as diligent as we are about oral hygiene I knew Brayden had something going on. I guess because they are so young I went in there with the feeling that if something is wrong I’m “to blame.” This definitely CAN be true, but I was assured that sometimes they just happen and sometimes it’s even genetics to blame. In that case, I would be “to blame” indirectly because that would be my genetics. I’m extremely prone to dental issues, which has been identified as genetic, but what specifically I don’t know yet!

Well, the older two kids did surprisingly well minus Aurora spitting the fluoride everywhere and whining the whole way home about her lips being sticky. I’m with her, though. I hate the fluoride stuff! They both got X-rays, cleaning, and their exam without a fuss! They did great!! Then there is Chaz. Chaz doesn’t even like to have anyone listen to his heart. If they try to baby talk or patronize him to encourage cooperation it only makes things worse. Appointments with him are both physically and mentally exhausting. He’s doing a lot better thanks to therapy, but he still has a long way to go. He started off surprisingly cooperative, but I did have to help while they finished his bottom teeth. After he was done, though, he went into complete meltdown mode. Asking for things, not wanting the things he asked for, wanting up, wanting down, etc. all while crying and screaming because it wasn’t “right.” The biggest exception (and EXTREMELY appreciated) to this visit is – they didn’t care. They didn’t even blink. They listened to my suggestion of not trying to baby him, and it really helped keep his meltdown from escalating. So, although it was still exhausting for me (and still pretty embarrassing) it was much better than “usual.”

The verdict? Chaz has great teeth! Yay! I’d hate to imagine if he needed dental work. They would have to sedate him for sure! He already has an appointment for a swallow study and related studies next week, which might require sedation (knowing how he handles appointments it probably will), and I really don’t like the thought of having that done so close together! He also sees an ENT this month, too, so the poor guy is already going to be overwhelmed by doctors. I’m SO grateful his teeth checked out well!

The other 2, though, do have to have dental work. I have to admit even though the dentist showed me where the problems were (cavities) and how they’re in hard to reach places and assured me he can tell we practice good dental hygiene I still felt pretty guilty. The worst is that Brayden actually has to have a tooth pulled and will have a spacer until the adult tooth grows in. He had a sore on his gums much like the sores I get, so I treated it the same – with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Unfortunately, it was a type of infection that will affect the adult tooth as well if the baby tooth isn’t removed. 🙁

So, Aurora just has a minor filling and probably won’t even need sedation, but Brayden may or may not depending how he is responding, but they always have it ready. Despite their needing work I, overall, would say it was a pretty good appointment. I have to admit I expected much worse. I am so impressed with how far Brayden and Aurora have come with therapy, and I feel confident Chaz will get there one day, too!

If you could say a prayer that Chaz’s other appointments go well (and we finally get answers for the gagging/choking concerns) they would be very much appreciated and that the other two do well with their dental work.

As for me, I’m going to chalk this up as a learning experience and let go of the guilt. It’s such a burden to carry around, and it doesn’t do us any good! Choosing to move forward IS good for our whole family, though, and so I will! 🙂

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  1. Hooray for making it through your dental appointments! Good luck with their upcoming work! Our youngest had a cavity – nearly broke my heart when they took her back to have it filled 🙁

  2. Mary Daniels says

    glad everything went alright. My prayers are with you all.. <3 🙂

  3. I’ve heard a lot of kids that have sensory issues (many of my patients) have to be sedated for dental work. I’ll send prayers that the rest of the appointments go well and you get to the bottom of the gagging/choking. I hope that it’s just a sensory issue and you guys find someone to work on that specifically.

    • Thank-you!

      Chaz’s issues are so complex at this point, which is why he has to have all the tests. He snores and stops breathing in his sleep (4 times during his sleep study), he has nasal sounds when he talks and words also “get caught” and he has the gagging and choking on random things – it’s usually his drinks! So they’re looking at soft palate issues and (this one has been assumed but we won’t know for sure until he sees the ENT) enlarged tonsils or adenoids. Plus his sensory issues aren’t helping matters I’m sure!

  4. natasha s. says

    my 2 yr od daughter just had to go to the dentist.. she did really really good until she smelt the filling stuff.. then she went crazy!!! next time she has to go she will probally need to be subdated

  5. I just took my 9 yr old the other day and she did awesome for all the work they did

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