Website revamp!

So I’ve gone ahead and done it! I got hosting set up and am working on transferring my domain ( It might still be a few more days until the transfer is complete because it’s a standard wait period for the transfer to take place, so I apologize that it will be down along with my e-mail address associated with my domain until later this week. In the meantime the blog is obviously here (but it will be integrated onto the new website) and you can direct e-mails to I’m really excited for the changes ahead! I think merging the blog and the website will give me more control and it will be easier to add content! And when you have so much going on why wouldn’t you want easier!? Of course! So I’m really excited to see how it all goes! I was wanting to use Elegant Themes, though, like I use for another website, but I’m afraid my one-year subscription might be up! I guess I’ll find out when I’m ready to set up my site! So stay tuned! I will be posting an announcement on my Facebook Page so stay tuned!

Speaking of… are you already a fan? If not – you should be! I’m offering a giveaway when I reach 200 fans! And to increase your chances to win – refer a friend! If the friend you referred is the random winner YOU will get a prize, too! So go get some free stuff! Also, I have an app that randomly picks a “Fan of the Week.” It picks someone based on if they interacted with my page that week, so it’s not just “liking” the page – it’s interacting with the page! I will randomly choose a week to reward the “Fan of the Week,” so again, there are many advantages to being connected on my page! I talk business, life, “green living,” and more! So get connected, win prizes, and stay up to date! 🙂

Again, please be patient as I merge all the old onto the new – including the blog! And thank-you for everything you do! 🙂

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