Weekly Wrap-Up

Weekly Wrap-Up

It’s been an “interesting” week. That’s the word I use when I really have no idea how else to describe it! I’m going to call the doctor tomorrow and make an appointment. The issues are bad enough at this point that they need to be addressed. It’s annoying and frustrating. I can’t get the supplements I used to get that I know help, which is even more frustrating. I did go to the gym this past week and enjoy some working out as well as the relaxation area. The massage chairs are awesome. I think I need to try the hydro massage beds, too, though. It’s been hard to fit “gym time” into our daily routine, though, so I’m going to be sure to do some workouts here at home on the days I’m not able to make it over there. I might even do some working out here AND still go up there. I just feel better when I’m active! I just received a couple of workout DVDs for review. I can’t wait to do them!

Otherwise, I’ve just been scrambling to “keep it all together” with what limited time I’ve actually felt OK. I guess an advantage of working on the computer is it can be down time somewhat. When I have a migraine, though, there is NO advantage to being on the computer! I have to avoid it if at all possible! Phew!

It was COLD this week! Even down here in Texas it was freezing! We had a day of hail/sleet/whatever you want to call it. I’d rather see snow, but unfortunately, I don’t get to make those calls! haha In that case, fires are good!

Weekly Wrap up

OK, let’s wrap up!

Highlights in Our Life:

  • My husband got his letter from the VA! His paperwork is done, and he will start getting his benefits March 1st! This is great news!
  • Our preschooler is finally starting to potty train more consistently. This is ALSO great news! 😉
  • I used Amazon gift cards I had saved up from sponsored posts and Swagbucks to get some homeschooling supplies including something I’ve been wanting a long time (which happened to be on special!) – a laminator! Yay! I also got a book for homemaking organization. I have felt like I’m drowning sometimes trying to keep up, and I’m really hoping this will help!
  • We had a really great day on Saturday! We all got out of the house and spent time doing a few different things and hanging out with family. It was so nice! Unfortunately, I wasn’t doing so well on Sunday then and missed church (again), but I’m hoping the doctor appointment will help resolve this!

Homeschool Highlights:

  • The kids were working really hard this week. Even when I decided to have a little more of a relaxed day our preschooler (who used to be our most reluctant) asked for more school work! Ask and you shall receive! I’m glad I have so many resources at my fingertips because I’m not really creative enough to come up with things by myself on a whim!
  • Our preschooler becoming more interested in doing more work, though, has created a new problem to solve – overcoming the limits: time limits, computer/iPad limits, etc. I still haven’t quite found the perfect groove for us yet, but I think after time we’ll get it all figured out and it will seem as if it was never an issue.

Blog Highlights:

  • To be honest, I’ve been trying to stay positive. I’ve done well at not comparing as I said I would, but I haven’t been so good at not caring about the numbers like I also said I would work on this year. (By work on, I mean I said I wouldn’t worry about and stress over numbers.) Alas, I AM stressing over it, and I’m considering how much time I put into this and how much of my heart I share on here, and it IS a little discouraging. I’m trying to remember God has a purpose for me. God has a purpose for Pea of Sweetness. Everything is where it should be right now, and I need to be OK with that. It’s definitely easier said than done, but after I get through the craziness of the big giveaway that’s going live tomorrow I’m going to take a few steps back, some deep breaths, and pray.
  • On the other hand, I’ve been focusing so much on adding more content here on Pea of Sweetness I still haven’t yet been able to “full launch” Deals of Sweetness meaning adding all the static pages, brainstorming ideas for and adding regular “evergreen” content, etc. To my surprise, though, it’s taking off. What a blessing! Considering the traffic it’s getting versus I may have to shift my priorities a bit.
  • More Blogger Opps are coming! If you’re not signed up to receive the Blogger Opps newsletter but would like to be – sign up here. Be sure to select “Blogger Opps” to be added to the list! Even the Blogger Opps from Deals of Sweetness will be included!

Goals This Week:

  • Complete all posts and projects on or before due date.
  • Seriously consider putting together printables and not just talking about them.
  • Ask the rental company to banish the critters in the attic. UGH!
  • Put my blog planners and new housekeeping organizer to use.
  • Post a Wordless Wednesday again this week.
  • Start Weekly Wrap-ups on Deals of Sweetness.

What were you up to this week?

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  1. Jessica Ann Jones

    I am SO excited to read about the good VA news!!!

  2. I hope you’ll be feeling better soon! God bless!

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