Weekly Wrap-Up

Weekly Wrap-Up

So, I decided it’s a theme to start my Weekly Wrap-Ups with “it’s been a crazy week.” haha You may have noticed I didn’t post a Weekly Wrap-Up last week because I was a bit overwhelmed. I missed this past Wordless Wednesday, too, on both blogs. I’m still not sure it’s worth the time commitment, so it took a back seat this week.

But you know? Crazy isn’t always “bad,” but the past couple of weeks have been equal parts of “good crazy” and, well, stressful. We had a super fun day at Mountasia Houston this past week, have been enjoying the beautiful weather, busy homeschooling, busy with my extra jobs, housework, and trying to balance it all! Phew! We had a blast a Mountasia Houston and did a little bit of everything there! I’ll be sharing our full review this week!

We also discovered we have wild onions or “onion grass” in our front yard and wild strawberries. I plan to put them to use and share recipes on Deals of Sweetness.

The past couple of weeks I also took over more responsibilities for our church website, and I’m so excited for God’s direction. I attended and took pictures at the dress rehearsal and again at the final performance tonight of the “One Voice” program, and I’m excited to do more and share more. I’m feeling so blessed! I hope to eventually get involved with the music ministry as well since in addition to writing, I love to sing! 🙂

I decided to get more involved in other aspects as well. It can be hard with my health challenges, my husband’s, and the kids’ special needs. I know there will be days we may not be able to make it (like this morning *Sigh*), but I’m tired of letting the enemy hold me back. If my fatigue is high or I have one of my bad headaches, I’m going to pray and go anyway. We need this fellowship, and we have been so blessed to find such a great home church. If you’re in the Spring/North Houston area, you should definitely check out North Central Church!

Mountasia Houston

Review coming this week!

Wrap it up! Past 2 weeks!

Highlights in Our Life:

  • The week before this past one our youngest son and I had a doctor’s appointment. It was supposed to be a basic appointment just to get referrals – rheumatology for me (which turned into neurology instead) and OT for him, but we also got an unexpected referral of cardiology for him. It seems he still has a murmur, and our doctor thinks it’s a good idea to make sure his atrial septal defect (the same heart defect I was born with and for which I had open-heart surgery as a teenager) is, in fact, closing on its own like we were told when he was a baby. I’d rather be safe than sorry.
  • We were out and about A LOT. We went to my cousin’s Couples Shower, hung out with friends and family, went to Mountasia, etc.
  • I also started going to the women’s Bible Study at church, which was unfortunately in it’s last 2 weeks, so now it’s on break, but I was happy to make it to the final two!
  • I finally started putting my planners to use, though it’s not “natural” for me to use them. It’s getting better, though!
  • Our daughter accidentally degloved the tip of one of our gerbil’s tails. She was so torn up over it. I monitored her carefully, though, and it has healed up nicely.

Homeschool Highlights:

  • The past two weeks have been going much better. Because we were out and about a lot we had a couple of shorter days, and I think that actually helped the kids to destress a little bit. There has been much less resistance and struggles over the past couple of weeks, which has been a welcome relief!
  • We started a new History curriculum! I have to admit, History is one of the subjects I shy away from because of their young age. They just don’t enjoy it and don’t retain it. I had a good feeling about this, though, and I am so glad I went with that feeling because we’re off to a great start! I will be sharing our review in about a month!
  • We did some impromptu lessons about plants since we discovered so many random plants in our yards and our flowers have started blooming. I love those type of lessons!

Blog Highlights:

  • I finally caught up on emails! Phew! Well, mostly anyway! I’m not sure there is a way to stay completely on top of it and not be on the computer all day.
  • I have reached a new goal with Page Views, and I am SO excited! I’m excited to see the continued growth and am so grateful and feel so blessed. Thank YOU for reading, commenting, and sharing. It means so much to me!
  • I reshared our story for Light it Up Blue for Autism. I plan to share two or three more posts regarding Autism/Autism Awareness before Autism Awareness month comes to a close.
  • I have had the chance to preview an amazing game called MyDream. I think it will be a great alternative for homeschoolers looking for creative collaboration. Check out my MyDream post for information.

Goals This Week:

  • Find my housekeeping organizer. PLEASE! haha
  • Finish the boxes in our bedroom.
  • Share the updates on the house!
  • Rediscover and implement our housekeeping routine and chore routine.

How have the past couple of weeks been for you?

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  1. I can totally relate with crazy not being bad. LOL I can’t wait to see those strawberry recipes! Can you tell strawberries are my favorite! 🙂
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