Weekly Wrap-Up – SO Behind!

Weekly Wrap-Up

Wow, wow, wow! (I totally just thought of Wubbzy!) It has been yet another busy, FULL week! I am still SO behind on a lot of things, and it really started to get to me this week. Not only because I’m behind on posts, but because I also feel like I’ll never get unpacked, and we’re going on four months! I think it’s time to cut back a bit – but I have to catch up first! Cut back on what, though? I don’t know. I’m so ambitious to do so much, but my body isn’t so ambitious as my chronic fatigue is still plaguing me. I still have to make a doctor appointment, too. I’m not very good about that! :/

On a positive note when it comes to health, I have been using essential oils for our health now as well! I had been using them in cleaning and bath and body products for some time, and I decided to take the plunge. I joined Young Living Essential Oils as a Distributor (Distributor #1662385), and I’ve already seen some great results. When we were having the sniffles last week, they helped out A LOT, which I briefly mentioned last week! I’m excited to see continued improvements!

In addition, I also joined FG Xpress because the Power Strips, which are natural pain strips, have been making a remarkable difference for my headaches! They also helped when I was having bad pain from my endometriosis. I’m SO happy to have something natural that works!

I know, so much for no more direct sales, right? haha I’m excited for these new journeys, though, and improving our health naturally with both!

My priority is still here, though, but not feeling so great has been making that hard. Now that I have found ways to help, I feel like everything else will start to get better as well! I’m going to look more into what essential oils may help with the chronic fatigue. I’m sure there is something that will! I feel great about the possibility of feeling better. Yes, I will still go to my doctor because I do feel I need to explain everything that has been going on and possibly see a rheumatologist. I have suspected for a while I have more than “just” Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and now that I’m able to see civilian doctors again, I feel like I have a better chance of getting more answers. I am praying for positive experiences!

I’m also praying I catch up on everything soon and praying for grace from others in the meantime.

As a means of feeling better, I have also been getting back into a regular fitness routine and joined in the Shazzy Fitness 7 Day Challenge. I’ve been posting all my updates on Deals of Sweetness, so head over and check them out!

Fitness Challenge

OK, let’s wrap up!

Highlights in Our Life:

  • We’ve been getting out of the house more and visiting with people regularly, which has been nice. I’ve been finding myself getting pretty “down” about not having a lot of friends to hang out with regularly. I’m hoping when I’m less busy I can also start forging relationships more, too!
  • We started practicing Tee Ball with the kids! So fun!
  • My husband helped out with the church BBQ Cook-off, and he took the grill over as well. He really enjoyed it, and I’m so glad we’re part of such a wonderful church!

Homeschool Highlights:

  • We really got into Supercharged Science this week and are definitely looking forward to another week of it! Hands on experiences are always a blast! I can’t wait to share our review in a few weeks!
  • We did a nice mix of hands-on Math and computer-based Math this week.
  • Both of our older kids are starting to read short, basic stories (Level 1). I am SO excited! Reading is so challenging for them, and I’m so proud of the progress they’re making!

Blog Highlights:

  • I’m participating in more local (Houston) events, and I LOVE it! I hope to continue to do more.
  • I have a few more blogger opps coming up this week! I fell behind on my giveaway posts, too, but I finally got caught up on them! Phew!
  • (I’m copying a lot of this sentence from last week’s update because a lot of it still applies!) I am still behind on some reviews. I really hope to be caught up again by the end of this week. *Sigh* (Hopefully, since last week it didn’t happen!) I also hope to continue to make that shift to Deals of Sweetness for reviews that aren’t *as* good of a fit to my key focus topics. Some of this has been going well! Some of it is still gray area. I’m going to start being more selective, though, because I really don’t want to make more than two posts in a day, but if I have two reviews to post that day, I can’t post content posts, which are KEY. On Deals of Sweetness I also want to add more content as well, but a lot of the content on there IS product reviews as that IS one of the key focus topics. I also feel multiple posts per day aren’t a deterrent on there, either, as it’s almost expected. I’ve been having quite a blast growing it, and I hope to get more of the pages done and definitely start adding more regular content on there as well!

Goals This Week:

  • Adjust my editorial calendar and then complete all posts and projects on or before their new due date. (I need to do this again.)
  • Put my blog planners and new housekeeping organizer to use. (I still need to do this, too. *Sigh*)
  • Still figure out how to make it possible to post and participate in Wordless Wednesday linkies in a way that isn’t too time consuming.
  • Start Weekly Wrap-ups on Deals of Sweetness. I know this has been on my goals list for a while, so I do hope to make it a reality soon!

How was your week?

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  1. Ashley Costanzo says

    Thanks for sharing the fitness challenge! It’s something I think I’m going to try!

  2. Alison Gibb

    Wow, you are way too busy. I know I am older, but I would be exausted!

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