Weekly Wrap-Up: My Birthday

Weekly Wrap-Up

Yesterday (August 24th) was my birthday! Unfortunately, I had the onset of pleurisy. Have you ever had it? Oh, it hurts to breathe and even eat sometimes! The good news is we didn’t plan anything elaborate, so it was a good day to just take it easy!

I received the DVD/Blu-ray set of the first part of Season 2 of Fairy Tail. It’s an anime series that I started watching on Netflix, and I had to get the next part of the series, so I ordered it online. It wasn’t supposed to arrive until this coming Tuesday, but I got it the day before my birthday! So, we relaxed and watched it. That is an ideal birthday for me! 🙂

My Birthday

I do finally feel like I’m catching up again on here! Well, my definition of catching up. Let’s wrap it up!

Highlights in Our Life:

  • I saw a really great doctor, and we have a treatment plan in place. He actually listened to me, so I feel good about the plan! I am praying this is the road to recovery!
  • Our oldest son lost another tooth.
  • Our youngest is sleeping in his room more thanks to his SleepBuddy (review coming soon)!
  • My husband has a job fair in Houston, so I’m praying for God’s guidance.
  • My husband also started his college classes this week for Youth Ministry.

Homeschool Highlights:

  • We took most of the week off. We had a REALLY hard day on Monday, so between that and the fact that I haven’t been feeling well I figured we were due for a break. We homeschool year round for this exact reason. (Plus we have a different school year schedule for this reason as well.) We did do a few things we are reviewing but otherwise we had a much needed break.

Blog Highlights:

  • I posted the latest in my Grammar 101 Series – Appropriate use of the ” ‘s “
  • I added 2 new giveaways and reviews hosted by me, and a few I’m promoting for other blogs. Check out all our current giveaways.
  • I have continued adding more pictures to my Facebook Page. I know not as many people see them initially, but they do seem to get noticed more. Plus they are always there for future reference!
  • I am continuing to make changes to the way I’ve been sharing things via social media and will be sharing more of my reviews and content posts more regularly as well. I’m trying to space out my Facebook shares. I’ve been running on “auto pilot” since I’ve been sick, but I will be working on bringing it back to “me” when I get better.
  • I reached a few goals: 5,000 Pinterest followers and Alexa under 50,000! THANK-YOU! 🙂
  • I found a plug-in that makes a drop down widget in my sidebar for the categories I want you to see instead of all of them (like the old giveaways and bloggers opps – who wants to see those?). That way you can find the content you DO want to read easily.
  • I switched my direct ads I sell to CrankyAds since Passionfruit will be charging monthly starting next month. I love the changes they made (you can even sell the sponsored posts through them), but I can’t commit to their monthly fee at this time. I also adjusted my ad prices a little. Check them out!

Goals This Week:

  • Keep trucking with the changes mentioned above as well as the organization changes I am making.
  • Contact potential sponsors for Bloggy Con 13.
  • Finish the “Monetizing our Blogs” and “Helpful Resources” documents for my Blogging Group. For real this time.
  • Keep packing things we won’t be using in the next couple of months, so we’re ready when the Army drops my husband’s Medical Retirement orders.
  • Make a more concrete decision on our housing plans for when we move.

What are your goals this week?

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  1. Adrienne Sydnor says

    Happy Belated Birthday. I have several friends who celebrate the month with you.

  2. william saylor says

    Happy Birthday sorry your not feeling well.

  3. Krista Bainbridge

    Happy, happy Birthday! I hope you are feeling better very soon and get to enjoy Fairy Tail!

  4. Evelyn Chuter says

    Well Happy Birthday, my birthday is Sept. 14. August and September are lots of birthdays for my family. I’ll probably spend my birthday a lot like yours, just relaxing.

  5. I love this idea! I should start one of these as well and blog about it. It’s so important to look back and look ahead. WHat a treasure to go back and read, too!

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