Weekly Wrap-Up: Birthdays

Weekly Wrap-Up

I just got back a couple hours ago from a weekend up at my grandparents’ lake house to celebrate our boys’ birthdays. Our youngest son turned four on Saturday, and our oldest son will turn eight on Wednesday. We were hoping to have a birthday party with friends, decorations, a pinata, etc. Unfortunately, either people couldn’t come or didn’t say one way or the other. It’s actually been a hard transition since moving back to Houston in October. Regardless, we chose to change plans and make the best of it!

It was a beautiful weekend! I made sure I crammed (mostly) everything in before we left, which was even better than I planned since my phone died shortly after arriving and I forgot my charger! Oops! There were a couple of things I did have to do while we were there, so I tethered the iPad to my husband’s phone to get them done. I only did that twice, though, and otherwise just enjoyed my time off! I haven’t done that in SOOO long!

We went out on the boat, I kayaked with the kids, made gummies, had cake and presents for both boys, and I caught four fish. It was awesome! I’m actually GLAD my phone died and I didn’t have my charger. I may not say that in about four hours when I’m still working on my freelance work I didn’t get done before we left, though. 😉

Seriously, though, I had some major issues with my host for my blogs this week, so I really needed a break. I feel so refreshed. Hopefully tomorrow I can catch up on emails, too!

Weekly Wrap-Up

Wrapping Up!

Highlights in Our Life:

  • Our “baby” turned 4! We have had some ups and downs, and I continue to pray for guidance. He is such a blessing and I hope to share his birth story this week!
  • Our little guy has been having a hard time lately with sensory overload and just can’t gain control again easily. It has been a little overwhelming. We would appreciate prayers as we work to help him with our therapy techniques, essential oils, and Occupational Therapy once they finally switch our insurance back on the 1st (and however long the wait list may be as their often is a wait list for Pediatric OT).
  • I committed to going to the gym regularly again this week. I love working out at home, but I do so much at home that I really need a break, and the gym is a nice outlet. Plus having access to the massage chairs, hydro-bed, Beauty Angel booth, etc. is enough to go even just for that time to relax even if I did a workout at home already!
  • I really got into a groove with my planners, calendar and Evernote, and I’m feeling good about it!
  • This weekend was refreshing and a nice break!

Homeschool Highlights:

  • Our oldest son is really struggling with open-ended questions lately. Retaining what I’ve read is difficult for him – more difficult than usual. I almost have to ask the question immediately following the paragraph with the information or pose it as a “yes or no” question or multiple choice. I am trying to decide what is best.
  • We have been doing a book study, which is something we haven’t done. It’s been a nice addition, and a nice change of pace.
  • We got to check out a Christian-based Astronomy curriculum. I’ll be sharing the review in the next couple of days!

Blog Highlights:

  • I had some MAJOR issues this week. It was stressful! My host did an update, and for whatever reason it affected my blogs both initially during the update and then afterwards for quite some time! My blog was in and out for a day and half. The downtime was more frequent than the uptime for a significant amount of time. It’s always hard to have something like this happen, but it was particularly hard since I knew I was taking the weekend off.
  • I, once again, decided to skip out on Wordless Wednesday due to the time involved and well, the issues I had would have made it difficult for a link-up anyway! Should I bring it back? What are your thoughts?
  • That’s about it. I had so many issues, nothing exciting or new happened really!

Goals This Week:

  • See last week’s goals. *Sigh*

How was your week?

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