Weekly Wrap-Up: Blessings

Weekly Wrap-Up

This week was set up to be stressful – or so I thought. Yet I didn’t stop holding on to hope knowing so many were praying for us, and that we were earnestly praying as well.

God is good!

We went into Monday preparing for the possibility that we’d have to come up with even more resources to not be evicted from our house. My husband’s disability from the Army was still being processed, and we’d exhausted so many resources by this point yet he wasn’t expected to receive pay until possibly mid-February! Even if we found more help now, what about the following month?

We gave it to God and trusted everything would turn out OK, and IT DID!

Monday, my husband got through to the correct people concerning his pay. They worked to expedite the correction (which rarely ever happens) and even called him to tell him it has been fixed, and we would receive the back pay in 3-5 days! Calling him to tell him that? That’s even more rare! God is good!

We still have a few hurdles as the back pay seems to still be missing one pay cycle, but we were able to take care of the pressing issues until we can figure that out!

In fact, this week was full of blessings! Homeschooling went MUCH smoother this week, I got to finally go to an event with the homeschooling moms from church (just the moms, so I really got to talk to them, too!), and I overall just felt refreshed!

I’m a bit under the weather today, but we took the kids to a nearby park that was a gem of a find! It’s gorgeous! It was worth fighting the “blah” to get out and enjoy the outdoors! I suspect we might have a few outdoors homeschooling days there!


OK, let’s wrap it up!

Highlights in Our Life:

  • My husband is still having problems with the nerve(s) in his neck/head but doesn’t have an appointment with the VA neurologist until mid-February. We are praying they’ll allow him to go elsewhere.
  • I’ve been adjusting to the schedule of homeschooling, homemaking, blogging, assisting with the church website, and my first content management job. It went much smoother this week!
  • The frame on our preschoolers waterbed came undone. We hope to fix it soon because I’ve had some pretty restless nights since he has slept in our bed a few times! It’s still sleepable for the most part, but he pretends it isn’t! We really need a loft for the boys’ room, too. It’s one of the reasons I’m having a hard time unpacking. There is nowhere to put anything in that room!

Homeschool Highlights:

  • It went so much smoother this week! The best part is our preschooler is also getting REALLY involved now! I am so excited for this year!
  • We started Kinderbach this week, which we’re reviewing. It is in the recommended age range for all three kids. They love it! I even got quite a workout playing the Hi notes, Low notes game!
  • Our older 2 children are still plugging along with Reading Kingdom. I have seen so much progress.
  • They are also still working with Alpha-Phonics, and are still progressing tremendously!
  • We also started Science4Us for review, but we just dabbled a little this week and will fully jump in tomorrow!
  • We worked on some general end of 1st Grade level Math this week as I’m still trying to gauge where we should start for sure.

Blog Highlights:

  • I’ve been getting ready for the “5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials,” which starts tomorrow!
  • More Blogger Opps are coming! If you’re not signed up to receive the Blogger Opps newsletter but would like to be – sign up here. Be sure to select “Blogger Opps” to be added to the list! Even the Blogger Opps from Deals of Sweetness will be included. You will start to notice there will be more hosted by Deals of Sweetness. I’m so excited about its growth!
  • I revamped my menu list but already decided I want to change it again, so I plan to do that this week!
  • I added a “Popular Posts” area in my side bar so you are sure to see all the good stuff! My side bar needs redone again now, too. It’s too “long” for my home page, but I didn’t like having some of the good stuff in the footer instead. I’ll be trying to figure out a solution.

Goals This Week:

  • Make a header for Deals of Sweetness and other pages – still. I got a few pages done this week but still no header
  • Start Wordless Wednesday again!
  • Find my 3-hole punch so I can put blog planners in a binder.
  • Start putting ideas for printables to use
  • Complete the dining/homeschool area and living room. The kitchen is pretty much done! “Before” and “Current” post coming soon with ideas on what more I plan to do!
  • Catch up on laundry.

I hope your week was blessed as well! What were your highlights?

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  1. Krista Bainbridge

    So happy to hear that God came through when you needed Him most. Hugs and prayers that things continue in a good way through 2014!

  2. Sandra Beeman says

    I believe there is nothing less than true faith in God to help us through our pain and troubles. I know He’s watching and I know he cares endlessly.

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