Weekly Wrap-Up: Almost Caught Up

Weekly Wrap-Up

This week has been crazy! Have you seen the number of posts I’ve been cranking out? Wowzers! Wait, how do you spell that? My major insomnia issues have come in handy for getting some of it done, but have been taking a major toll on me otherwise. The crazy thing is I’m still not “caught up” on my posts! Arg!

I’m beginning to believe there is no such thing as being “caught up” in the blogging world since there is always room for improvement. I mean even when I’m not behind on posts there are other aspects I need to work on. Pictures I need to go back through and make sure are SEO friendly, pictures I need to replace with more “pinnable” images, ads I need to resize due to my new layout (a new project), pages I’d like to add or perfect, and the list goes on. This doesn’t even include the things I would like to do on my social media accounts!

So yes, although I don’t think there is such a thing as “caught up” when I say I’m not “caught up” I mean I am actually behind on the posts in my editorial calendar and am bumping and rearranging those I can based on deadlines. Content posts obviously don’t have deadlines, but they can’t be ignored, either! The good news is, I’m almost done bumping and shifting posts. Phew!

I posted more of our 4th of July Houston Vacation when I shared our stop at Kemah Boardwalk. That was a fun post to share! I hope to finish the rest of our Houston Trip Story this week – The Downtown Aquarium and an Overview. I figured out how to share the slideshow! Check it out!

ishem913's Houston album on Photobucket

OK! Time to wrap this up!

Highlights in Our Life:

  • I have fallen into a horrible sleep pattern as I had a really emotional task of writing a letter to help appeal my husband’s disability ratings. The good news is that the letter helped tremendously and everything is moving forward. The bad news is I can’t get back on a good schedule, and I am feeling totally drained. I’ve always been having bad nerve issues with my left arm, so I’m pretty sure a trip to the doctor is in order this week.
  • Our oldest son’s gums are still really irritated so they couldn’t pull his tooth this past week. It will most likely have to be done this week, though the swelling still is pretty bad. :/
  • Overall, things are stressful right now unfortunately. Money is tight and the not sleeping is taking its toll. Praying for a better week and God’s provision.

Homeschool Highlights:

  • We are moving along in Alpha-Phonics, and I can’t wait to share our review (and giveaway!) with you as we progress!
  • We have almost finished learning the names of the books in The Old Testament. The older two are doing great with memorizing the names. They tend to get stuck somewhere around Ezekiel and need some help from there, but wow, do I think it’s great! πŸ™‚
  • We are moving on to the next Module in TouchMath.
  • The kids are still doing some learning on the computer and the iPad as well to help enhance their learning as well, so all those computer programs and apps I’ve mentioned in the past are still being used!

Blog Highlights:

  • I typed like a madwoman this week. I seriously had at least 2 posts on my calendar each day. I had to keep bumping and moving some, too, as I mentioned. Phew it was crazy!
  • I kicked off my Grammar 101 Series with Your vs. You’re.
  • I found a better way to present ads on my blog. As you know, I try to keep it minimal and clean looking. They also gave me helpful advice on making the most of this! I hope to implement it early this week!
  • Because I took Blogger Opps off my main page and out of my RSS feed I started sending out a personal Blogger Opps newsletter! It may take a little more time, but I think this is much better!
  • I started adding more pictures to my Facebook Page. Eventually they will all migrate to my Facebook page. Eventually. My husband will be helping with this because he’s awesome! πŸ™‚
  • I have started making changes to the way I’ve been sharing things via social media and will be sharing more of my reviews and content posts more regularly as well. I know this is probably a “duh!” thing, but yeah, I can’t think clearly sometimes!

Goals This Week:

  • Keep implementing the changes mentioned above as well as the organization changes I am making. Slowly but surely I’ll get there!
  • Continue to prepare for The Declare Conference and my session with the Literary Agent. Pray without ceasing for God’s provision as finances have become tight.
  • Reach out one last time for Sponsors for The Declare Conference as well as contacting potential sponsors for Bloggy Con 13.
  • Put my Silhouette Cameo to use as I make some awesome products for Savory Savings to review (with giveaway!). I am so excited for her to see the finished product for one of them. I’m keeping it a surprise, but she is going to love it!
  • Start packing things. This may seem like “jumping the gun” since we don’t officially have a moving date, but let’s face it, we’re not going to read 40 books in the next couple of months. We can pick 10-20 favorites and put the rest in a box in the garage. This will give us a head start AND make sure all of our favorites don’t get packed by the movers when the time comes.

So, spill it! How was your week and what are your goals for this coming week?

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  1. Krista Bainbridge

    I am so glad that the letter you wrote helped – those letters are, as you said, emotional and definitely draining. The good news is, things can only go up from here!

  2. Amanda Thomas says

    You have definitely been a busy lady over the past week. I feel short on some of my goals last week, but I hope to be just as productive this time around. My goal for this week is to start planning my niece’s 7th birthday party which is only three weeks away!

  3. Alicia Owen says

    Oh Emilee! I thought I had been busy and still had so much to do! Seems like you always have so much going on. :/ My husband FINALLY (appt. was scheduled like 9 months ago -_-) got to see the VA orthopedist last week for his knees and I believe they are “upping” his disability as well, so I can kind of relate with you there.

    I hope you have an excellent week and that you start getting some sleep! πŸ™‚

  4. What type of letter did you write for your husband’s disability case? I am currently pursing disability and I am all about learning about things that will help my case.

    • Well, the letter I had to write was because he is in the middle of getting medically retired from the military. So, the letter I was writing was getting sent with the legal paperwork for the appeal on his VA and Army disability rating concerning his medically retirement.

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