Weekly Wrap-Up: Flareups and Headaches

Weekly Wrap-Up

Oh this just wasn’t my week! My Fibromyalgia was flaring up, the battle of insomnia and chronic fatigue kept raging, and I even had a couple of killer migraines. Wow! It was a bit rough! Unfortunately, that also means I didn’t get a lot done. In fact, I fell behind on some of stuff because of it. But I also got some random stuff done that I wouldn’t usually do because I’m busy with other work. I had a lot of time to think about and reflect on some things and the direction I want to take with Pea of Sweetness. I was able to brainstorm and make note of some ideas I hope to implement soon!

On an exciting note, I am celebrating two milestones on Facebook! Pea of Sweetness has reached 15,000 fans (actually over 16,000 now! Yay!), and my newer blog Deals of Sweetness has reached the 2,000 fan mark! So, I will be putting together a giveaway just on Facebook for my fans! In fact, it’s going to be a party! I have some pretty big stuff going on this week, but I hope to at least roll out the details on both blogs and let you know when the party will be! Didn’t I say I would start a weekly wrap up on Deals of Sweetness as well? Hmmm….

15000 Fans

Short and sweet wrap up!

Highlights in Our Life:

  • I printed out planners, implemented more detailed digital planners, etc. to get a hold of this scheduling thing. Unfortunately, I didn’t actually get on the schedules since I wasn’t doing well this week. At least I have one mostly set up now, though!
  • I had a discussion with our preschooler about potty training to discover he just doesn’t want to do it. He says it will make him big, and he doesn’t like that. He’s our youngest, and we can’t have anymore children, so I’ve been in no hurry for him to grow up either, but now that I know the potty training thing is about that and not due to his developmental delays and SPD, it’s time to add some encouragement about how growing up is a good thing. It’s probably time for me to realize that, too. Oh that is a whole blog post in itself!

Homeschool Highlights:

  • Well, I have the new schedule I mentioned in last week’s Weekly Wrap-Up, but because I was so “blah,” I had to just kind of wing it all week. They’re still moving right along in everything, and I finally have everything plugged in to the Homeschool Helper app so I can keep track of everything. The biggest thing that excites me is that we’re having so much fun! When we were wrapping up our last school year in November everybody was grouchy and didn’t want to do it anymore. I’m sure a lot of it had to do with the fact that we just moved and were completely unsettled. Now we’re having a great time and doing well!
  • We have had a minor set back in the “simple things.” Our oldest son is forgetting how to write certain letters. Writing and reading are challenging for him, which may be related to the fact that he’s on the Autism spectrum. At our last house I had made wall decals of the alphabet, and I planned on doing that here as well, but now I wonder if I shouldn’t because I fear it is actually a crutch and is doing more harm than helping. I am having him write the alphabet every other day. I will see how that goes before I make a definitely decision on the wall decals.

Blog Highlights:

  • My Wordless Wednesday Linky went much better this week! It was still a little slow on Wordless Wednesday Linkups on Deals of Sweetness, which is weird because I linked them up on all the same places. Unfortunately, comments were lacking, too. I remember this is why I stopped doing them. I comment on almost every post I link up to, but get only a few comments on mine, so the time didn’t seem worth it. I will try it out for a while before I decide whether I should just give it up again.
  • I added three new Blogger Opps this past week! More are coming!
  • I messed around with my side bar and footer again to try to get a better balance. I added a slider for my Top Posts which doesn’t take up as much room, but I don’t like the style of it. I’m hoping I can tweak it or somebody can recommend one that has a nicer style to it!

Goals This Week:

  • Share at least one tutorial type post.
  • I still need to complete a lot of the house, and I really do want to start sharing the transformation, but they just haven’t happened yet. Honestly, I’m getting down in the dumps about it all. It’s really getting to me. Plus when I have bad Fibro weeks my depression rears its ugly head, too. 🙁
  • Stop adding catching up on laundry as a goal because I’ve decided there is no such thing.
  • Go through my menu bar again and see if I can tweak it more. I may even change some categories or rearrange things a little better. It all depends on the time I have, which I doubt will be a lot, so just a little work may have to do for now.
  • Make a doctor appointment. I can’t have other weeks like the one I had this week, and because of our financial situation I can’t afford all the natural supplements that help me.

So, what were you up to last week? What are your goals for this week?

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