Weekly Wrap-Up: Happy Easter!

Weekly Wrap-Up

Oh my goodness it has been a crazy week! Most of the week I was just trying to get a lot of stuff done to gear up for taking the weekend off. Well, at least until now when I’m now frantically trying to catch up on the things I *didn’t* get done! Unfortunately, our youngest son has a cough, so I figure I’ll be getting up to check on him anyway, so I’m telling myself it’s good I have to stay up and catch up on work! Of course, we’ve been diffusing essential oils in his room, and I haven’t heard him cough since he went to sleep! That’s a good thing, though!

Wednesday night we had church as usual, but my husband was feeling bad, and our youngest was in sensory overload, so I dropped them off at home and took the older two kids. It gets hard sometimes not being able to go as a family, but it’s hard to completely miss everything, too, if we choose to all stay home. Such is the life when you have a family with health challenges and special needs.

Friday we had our Easter egg hunt with the homeschool group from church, and that was a lot of fun! I worried that Chaz wasn’t going to enjoy it because he was in sensory overload again. He asked to go on a swing for a bit, and he still didn’t really get back in the group after that, but he did go out and look for eggs. I do think the swing help “reset” him.

Over the weekend we had more Easter egg hunts and my cousin’s wedding on Saturday night. The kids stayed at Grandma’s because the wedding was on a boat, and based on Chaz’s recent experiences, I didn’t think that would go too well. It was his first sleepover without us! It was a really nice wedding, and we got to go by the Kemah Boardwalk, which was nice to see it from that perspective! We got home somewhat late, so we were ready to crash.

The kids had so much excitement this weekend and loved finding eggs, got a lot of treats, but most of all, they know the reason we celebrate Easter, which is the most important part. He is risen! That is what it’s all about. For that we are grateful

“Then the angel spoke to the women. “Don’t be afraid!” he said. “I know you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead, just as he said would happen. Come, see where his body was lying.” (Matthew 28:5, 6 NLT)

Weekly Wrap-up

Wrap it up!

Highlights in Our Life:

  • We were busy, busy, busy this week! Phew! That seriously about sums up our week. I don’t think there was a day this week we didn’t leave the house.
  • As I mentioned, our little guy has been having a rough time with his SPD lately.
  • I finally ordered new contacts – and I hope they come in tomorrow! One was really bothering me today, and it just ripped in half when I was cleaning it! Yes, I had them WAY too long.
  • I have a game plan for the housework. Now I just need to get the kids’ chore charts set up! Woo hoo!

Homeschool Highlights:

  • We took Friday off for Good Friday, and the rest of the week was pretty light. We just did what we’re currently reviewing and took a break from anything else.
  • Otherwise, we really didn’t do anything exciting this week. I feel like I’m a rather boring homeschooler, but when we are so busy like that, I can’t even begin to come up with something creative. I’m working on that, though!

Blog Highlights:

  • I’m behind on emails again. Big surprise! lol
  • My Facebook page reached 20,000 fans!! Thank-you SOOOO much for your support! I know I planned on doing a Facebook party with giveaways for my last milestone and didn’t have a chance, but I can’t do nothing for this one! So, once my Deals of Sweetness Facebook page reaches 5,000 fans, there will be a big Facebook party to celebrate! There are still a few to go, but you can help out by liking Deals of Sweetness on Facebook. 😉
  • I took an intentional day off! That is such a big deal! I haven’t (intentionally) taken a day off in months! Of course, now I’m scrambling to catch up on things, so I remember why I don’t do it. I do hope to eventually get back to taking Sundays off. I do limit Sundays to evenings only.
  • I skipped out on Wordless Wednesday again. I was so busy, and again, I’m not sure I can justify the time I spend on it linking up to others. Maybe since this week won’t be so crazy I’ll give it a shot again!

Goals This Week:

  • Well, I’m *still* looking for my Housekeeping organizer, but I went ahead and set my own schedule as mentioned in the meantime, though I really would like to find it!
  • Divide and conquer. I’m tired of being unorganized, so we’ll start the divide and conquer plan. One room at a time. It WILL get done.
  • Find an alternative to the “Top Posts” in my sidebar.
  • Set dates for upcoming posts.
  • Catch up on emails – again.

How was your week?

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  1. Sounds like you had a great Easter. Glad your son was able to reset and have some fun. Happy Easter.

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