Weekly Wrap-Up: He’s Home!

Weekly Wrap-Up

Slowly but surely things are getting done. The biggest blessing was despite some uncertainty my husband DID get to come home on Wednesday! What a blessing! He even brought home a little retirement gift from the Army. It included a flag, a pin, and some other goodies, but most of all, it included closure.


It has been a unique journey to say the least – one that I may write all about at some point. Right now, though, we’re just excited to start a new chapter. Even though we had already moved and been unpacking and getting settled, it really feels like we can do that now that he’s home with us again.

Speaking of unpacking – the movers ended up leaving 5 boxes worth of stuff at the old house, so that big dent I put in the unpacking seemed so minor once those new boxes were added! lol Oh well, we just keep pushing on! I should be able to share the first update this week – the kitchen! I admit we didn’t get as much done this week because we were just so happy to have family time again that we spent some extra time just spending time together! I think that is excusable, though!

OK, short and sweet let’s wrap it up!

Highlights in Our Life:

  • As I mentioned, my husband got to come home when planned. He’s officially a Disabled Vet, and we’re ready to begin our new adventure!
  • We had a blast at the Haute Wheels Houston Food Truck Festival even though we did get rained out a little early. We still got to know some of the great food trucks! We even got to take cover next to the Monster PBJ truck for a bit when the rain first started. I’ll share the full review in the next couple of days!
  • We discovered the raccoons here are a problem, and we will definitely have to get some sturdy trash cans!

Homeschool Highlights:

  • We really did a lot of hands-on projects this week, which I think the kids really needed. They were getting stir crazy from not having a vehicle for a while, and hands-on projects help to keep their attention. We made some Australian Cave paintings from our Green Kid Crafts box and had quite a few science experiments as well! Otherwise, we were just keeping up with our regular schedule!

Blog Highlights:

  • I’m still trying to catch up a little, but I’m at least MUCH closer to catching up. In fact, one more “long day,” and I should be caught up! Phew!
  • I started my “Winner’s Circle” album on my Facebook Page this week! If you have won a prize on Pea of Sweetness be sure to share your picture on my Facebook page so I can add it to the Winner’s Circle! You can see my Winner’s Circle here!
  • I will be adding at least 2 new Blogger Opps this week! I have quite a few more great reviews and giveaways coming soon!
  • I already mentioned I got to attend the Food Truck Festival, and I also posted information and a giveaway for the Wings Over Houston Airshow! Another amazing event in Houston you won’t want to miss!
  • And look! I’m back on track with my Weekly Wrap-Ups! 🙂 Now hopefully this week I’ll be back on track with Grammar 101!

Goals This Week:

  • Keep unpacking and work on getting settled!
  • Set dates for all other upcoming reviews.
  • Start my 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.
  • Make a decision on my website’s Ad Space.
  • Decide if I’m going to start my “deals blog” soon.
  • Get information on local homeschool groups as well as any other local groups, organizations, etc. of interest.
  • Finish address updates!
  • You may notice this list is EXACTLY the same as the one I posted last week which means sadly, I didn’t accomplish these goals yet. So, I’m moving them to this week and hoping for a better outcome! Again, I say spending time as a family is a good reason, but I do still need to get this stuff done! Unpacking will be a process, of course.

How has your week been? What are your goals this coming week?


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  1. So glad your husband is home. From one Vet to another – Thank you for your service!

  2. brandi hawn says

    my brother is in the army airborne and i have only seen him once in the past year. i miss him we were really close and hung out and/or talked everyday b/f he joined 🙁

  3. brandi hawn says

    my brother is in the army airborne and i have only seen him once in the past year. i miss him we were really close and hung out and/or talked everyday b/f he joined 🙁

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